Renewal of administrative personnel is paving the way for entering the market economy

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Renewal of administrative personnel is paving the way for entering the market economy Empty Renewal of administrative personnel is paving the way for entering the market economy

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22/5/2018 12:59 am

Baghdad / Mustafa Al Hashemi
The development of Iraq's economic reality requires studying the legislation of new laws that bypass intersections in the economic laws. This would facilitate the transition to a market economy after making several changes, including changing the old administrative cadres and creating staff to transfer expertise to legislate and correct the important economic laws. , While specialists see the need to change the laws and administrative regulations in line with the economic future of Iraq to be legislation full of aspects and facilitate the implementation of reality.

New experiences
And between the academic economist d. Majid al-Baydani, the main reasons behind the country's transformation from the central economy to the market economy so far, stressing that "Iraq is on the new economic situation and that the change of administrative staff greatly impedes the process of transformation because the old administrations are insured by the system of totalitarian economy only and lacks much experience of the free economy "He said.

He told "Sabah" that "the routine and administrative corruption appeared as a result of the intersection of laws

And the weakness of the application of the mechanisms of some economic legislation, such as tariff and protection of national product and investment law, which is supposed to attract investors from all over the world.

Intersection of visions
The economic researcher Aya Adel said that the companies operating in Iraq are still working in a way that intersects with the visions that show the importance of the role and work of the private sector in development.

"The majority of economic laws are dominated by totalitarianism and centralization, and leave no room for freedom for the private sector to move, which requires legislation to contribute to the establishment and establishment of partnerships between the public and private sectors in a proper way," she said, adding that " The law of companies still takes into account the dominance of the state on the economic sector in all its joints. "

Economic legislation
She added that "the intersection of regulations and instructions and overlapping with each other causes shortcomings in the legislation of an integrated law that is easy to apply on the ground to serve the economic process in general."

Adel pointed out "the importance of discussing the proposed amendments to the law of companies through workshops and economic seminars and send notes to the officials on the economic file for Iraq for the purpose of discussion and inclusion within the proposed economic laws for the purpose of legislation in the new House of Representatives."

And demands many specialists to activate the system of laws that promote economic development in all sectors of production and service because the reality of the Iraqi economy will be better than the past after granted freedom in international dealing and has become a source of confidence to the world.

Economic researcher Firas Amer pointed to the importance of activating laws aimed at finding a decent work sector as well as those that limit the effects of financial and administrative corruption in all areas of the economy.

And the importance of the government to be more serious in supporting the local private sector, as well as the need to benefit from this support in bringing companies with expertise and financial efficiency and improve the image of the private sector.

It is noteworthy that there is an international organization working to adopt a system of guillotine laws, which works to streamline laws and trim them in line with the next stage, which require domestic and international investments on a large scale.


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