The importance of enacting digital economy legislation in Iraq

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The importance of enacting digital economy legislation in Iraq Empty The importance of enacting digital economy legislation in Iraq

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Saad al-Tai
Digital economic legislation is defined as all the legal rules issued by the competent authorities, which are concerned with organizing economic operations in the electronic environment represented by the Internet.
The digital space has become a promising and distinct environment for the economy with all its branches and aspiring to achieve profits and financial gains whether they are governments, companies or individuals; and the achievements of great and distinctive and pioneering in many countries of the world is evidence of the development of the digital economy , The digital economic environment has many advantages that allow it to be a future environment and unique in all its financial, economic and commercial transactions.

Digital Economic Environment
It is characterized by immediate communication between the different parties of the economic process where the communication is instantaneous and at the same moment of the occurrence of this communication, which is similar to personal contact between the parties or parties to the traditional economic process, and the digital economic environment is characterized by universality is not limited by borders or distances between multiple parties in Different countries and the possibility of conducting economic transactions with many parties at low costs as well as many other advantages enjoyed by this environment, economic, financial and trade by (the Internet), which is still in its beginning despite the Iraqi economy of the Miz Oh many qualify him to enter the digital economy is widely if necessary to provide his requirements.

Legislation regulating the economy
The need for Iraq to such legislation governing the digital economy at the beginning of these requirements for its importance in the organization of economic processes underway between the parties in this vast environment and distinct characteristics and procedures and methods of dealing, which requires the competent authorities to work on the enactment of legislation concerning the digital economy in Iraq and be inclusive of Detailing the financial, commercial and economic operations in a manner that preserves the rights of all parties and beneficiaries to deal with the digital economy in the country.

Intellectual property rights
The topics of digital economy legislation range from issues such as consumer protection, guaranteeing the rights of parties to the digital economic process, the need to combat the fraud and fraud that may be experienced by some of the participants in the digital economy and the legislation on the protection of intellectual property rights and the protection of trademarks from theft or imitation and the enactment of legislation that protects Patents in scientific, informational and technological fields, and combating computer crimes of various kinds, such as burglary of user data, piracy, misleading of consumers, violation of privacy, Criticizes digital customers and impersonates real characters or
As well as the enactment of legislation to regulate the process of obtaining taxes on financial transactions conducted by the digital economic environment, which is electronic commerce and the protection of databases and provide the necessary safety conditions and requirements for the smooth economic transactions in the digital environment and protection from the risks that may be exposed in this environment of technology excellence . The enactment of such legislation should take into account the rapid technological developments and the possibility of new applications and tools, which will be reflected in economic transactions in one form or another, which requires flexibility by the legislator when developing legislation and the possibility of enacting others and replacing some of them with new legislation according to these developments and their implications for economic transactions

Different economic transactions
The development of the infrastructure of the digital economy in all its fields is a necessity for the advancement of this important branch of economies, which is the mainstay of modern and future economies
, Including the important legislative structure in the enactment of the laws governing the various economic transactions in the digital environment that have transformed the traditional economy into more extensive, more vital and comprehensive spaces, which necessitates adapting to this unique environment by enacting the appropriate legislation, From the economic and technological sectors in Iraq in order to keep abreast of the technological developments in the economy in the field of digital economy, which is witnessed in various countries of the world.


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