Specialists: Communicating with economic blocs is an imperative for development

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Specialists: Communicating with economic blocs is an imperative for development Empty Specialists: Communicating with economic blocs is an imperative for development

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27/5/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Hussein Thugb
Economists stressed the need to communicate with the important economic blocs around the world, for its role in accelerating the pace of economic development, through the possession of advanced technology can be employed to activate economic activities inside Iraq.

During his meeting with the Executive Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Iraq, Huang Yucheng and the accompanying delegation discussed ways to strengthen the industrial cooperation relations and opportunities of partnership and investment between Iraq and China in various fields, especially the industrial field.
Al-Sudani pointed to the Iraqi state's tendency to support and encourage the local and foreign private sector to enter into partnership agreements and real investment contracts to establish and implement vital projects and joint strategy in various fields and sectors
And multiple.

Important sectors
"Iraq has returned to its regional and international environment after a break that lasted for decades, during which it moved away from what the economy witnessed developments in all fields, which necessitates us to communicate with the international effort developed by the owner of technologies and capital to activate important sectors, Which is the center of economic growth. "
Al-Nouri pointed out that "the industry represents the gate of the real multiplicity of financial revenues, especially as it is driving most of the productive and service sectors, which forces us to extend bridges of cooperation with the major economic blocs to achieve development goals we need
 to her".

Industrial capabilities
In turn, a member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Jassim Al-Aradi, "the importance of communication with the major industrial countries, including China, which is the second economy in the world," noting that "the achievement of bilateral partnerships with Chinese companies and major global companies is very important and is an imperative to develop the reality of industry in Iraq, which has important industrial capabilities at the level of the region and the world. "
He pointed out that "the presence of international delegations in Iraq comes from the realization of the importance of Iraq in the international arena economically, and here we can invest this attention in the best way to change the shape of the national economy and make it more

Attract investors
"The Ministry of Industry is keen to urge and attract investors, businessmen and foreign companies, including China, to contribute to the development of Iraqi industry and the reconstruction and construction campaigns that are taking place in the country." He pointed out that "the Ministry has many opportunities and investment projects offered and available to its companies and can be benefited Including during the next phase and the ministry is ready to provide all possible facilities in this regard. "

Youth Development
For his part, the Chinese delegation stressed the keenness of his country to strengthen relations of cooperation with Iraq and the willingness of Chinese companies to work with their Iraqi counterparts. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Iraq has an industrial oil training center that can be used in the development of young graduates and the unemployed and develop the skills of workers in the industrial and oil fields, The delegation also invited the minister to visit the Republic of China and learn about the successful industrial experiences and the potential of Chinese companies in various industrial fields.
Major industries
"The volume of work in Iraq is large and in more than one direction, where the focus can be on the industrial sector. Here, large industries can be established in economic cities that establish local markets for different products. Goods and commodities, benefiting from the geographical location of Iraq, and the possibility of rapid export to the world markets in the poles of the Western world and the East.



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