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Post  Admin on Sun May 27, 2018 8:41 am

In most countries of the world, the "international exhibitions" have a great interest in being acquainted with the economic potential of the country and the best way to build a solid exchange of experiences and a picture of the progress of countries and facilitating the task of choosing the requirements for building the country.

As long as we are talking about a new phase of construction, reconstruction and real investment, we need a new international exhibition that reaches the levels of international exhibitions to be a station for cooperation and investment required.

This subject prompts us to talk about what has hit the Baghdad International Fair from the decline in everything due to the disappearance of productive life over the long time has come to meet the requirements of the new era for several reasons.

The site is not fit because of the crowds and crowds during the periods of preparation and presentation, eight halls lack the modern technologies required by the days of offers, in addition to the weakness of services.

We believe that under the next phase, with the assumption of determining the economic approach to be adopted, which is supposed to be based on the constitution, a free economy or a market (named whatever you want), it is necessary to leave government departments to run such projects. Leaving implementation to the private sector.

In this case, it is necessary to allocate land space for a new international exhibition with international specifications and to offer it for investment by the private sector to be implemented, managed and operated.

Thus, most countries, even socialism, are treacherous to the management of the exhibitions or to their possession, but rather to private investment.

One of the requirements for the success of the new investment in Iraq is the availability of an international exhibition that is efficient in terms of specifications and high technology, to attract investors to display their products on one hand and to view the country's requirements of investment opportunities from the other.

The exhibition will be an opportunity to transfer modern technology to Iraq and take advantage of the models that the companies always offer to the host country at the end of the exhibition. This proposal is ready for presentation to the next government which recognizes the importance of preparation and preparation of investment, construction and reconstruction requirements.

The next requires that we care about all the joints that are doing the national economy, especially international exhibitions that bring distance and shorten the time to the local authorities, where they come every new to be presented to the public.


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