The Ministerial Economic Committee approves the implementation of the comprehensive banking system

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The Ministerial Economic Committee approves the implementation of the comprehensive banking system

Post  Admin on Tue May 29, 2018 8:35 am

May 29, 2018

Baghdad - Journal News
The ministerial economic affairs committee decided at its 14th session under the chairmanship of Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili, which was held on Tuesday, the approval of the Rafidain Bank to contract with a specialized company to implement the comprehensive banking system.

The committee said in a statement that "the contract with specialized companies will apply to the Rasheed Bank and the rest of the government banks, with the aim of improving the government banking sector, by reducing the excess rings and improve the level of banking services provided to customers through the completion of all joints of the work."

"The cost of implementing the comprehensive banking system of the Rafidain Bank is 16 million dollars and the completion period of 700 days is expected to be completed in the first half of next year 2019," said the director general of Rafidain Bank Khuloud al-Asadi, who was hosted by the committee. "The bank according to this system will be distinguished and fit Mesopotamia ".

The committee also approved the recommendations of the committee to study the applications of contractors to implement the 200-bed Nahrawan General Hospital project at a cost of 75 billion dinars, with a completion period of 36 months, and the completion rate in the hospital is currently 20%.

He added that the committee also agreed to include the second corridor of the bridge (Bata) in the province of Babylon within the tables of the investment budget for the current year 2018, because of the importance of this project for the people of the province and its contribution to decipher traffic jams in it. The percentage of the reserve of the establishment of a hospital with a capacity of 50 beds in the area of ​​Husseiniya in the holy province of Karbala.

The Committee decided to exclude the installation and installation of surveillance cameras in Muthanna province of the recommendations of the Diwani Order No. 30 of 2015, provided that the Muthanna local government undertakes to provide the necessary funds to finance this project.

The meeting was attended by the ministers of industry, oil and agriculture, as well as the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the head of the National Investment Authority and the agents of the ministries of planning, finance and trade, and the meeting also the Director General of the Department of Government Contracts in the Ministry of Planning, Dr. Azhar Hussein.اللجنة-الاقتصادية-الوزارية-توافق-على/


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