Development requires high coordination between the public and private sectors

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Development requires high coordination between the public and private sectors Empty Development requires high coordination between the public and private sectors

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11/6/2018 12:00 am

 Baghdad / Hussein Thugb
The voices call for action to start the development of the national economy by activating its productive and service sectors and establishing strategic projects that serve the country and the global economies and benefit the national economy.
Chairman of the Iraqi Business Council - Indian Joint d. Mohamed Abdul Sattar al-Baghdadi stressed the importance of supporting the work joints carried out by the private sector, which represents the economic development and responsible for its administration in light of the transformation of Iraq towards the free economy, pointing out that "the capabilities of the Iraqi private sector is large in all economic joints and has the ability to implement projects Major and qualitative specifications. "

Production projects
Pointed out that "the projects carried out and implemented in more than a sector is a clear confirmation of the capabilities of the private sector to implement and manage the largest productive and service projects that have a major role in changing the shape of the Iraqi economy, and make it influential at the regional and international level"
"The rise of the private sector requires the existence of formulas with the institutions concerned in the public sector, which have a direct link with this important sector, which is responsible for the management of economic life," he said.

Detailed tax
He said: "If we talk about the environment required to promote the reality of all business, we stand at the tax chapter, which needs to be a great understanding with the private sector and in a manner that supports the smooth implementation of projects to need to communicate with international markets to improve the work, and completed in full Within the periods specified in the assignment decisions ".
On the subject of customs, he said: "It is possible to benefit from regional experiences and how to deal with such an important issue has a direct impact on the reality of the national economy, where it works to impose rates contribute greatly to the promotion of the national economy and transfer to a better stage, through a system contributes to a large extent In activating the national economy. "

 Market Area
He pointed out that "the possibility of Iraq being an international market attracts the international industrial and commercial efforts, which makes the country a global shopping center favored by the markets of the region and the world to close to everyone and is the shortest way between the poles of the world, which necessitates us to adopt the best tax systems and organization that attracts international companies To work in Iraq. "
He called on economists on more than one occasion to benefit from the position of Iraq on the map of the world and communicate with the international effort to transfer its industrial and commercial activity to Iraq to be a starting point to world markets and the resulting great economic feasibility of the national economy.

Development process
Abdul-Sattar al-Baghdadi said "the need to work to lift all the obstacles that limit the smoothness of the work of the merchant, industrial and investor, and to contribute to support the development process that can be done in different sectors such as industry, agriculture, tourism and services." Iraq is the focus of global action, and this is not impossible at this time. "
"The issue of taxes should not be an obstacle to development work in Iraq," he said. "We must work to give this chapter great attention and there should be high coordination between the public and private sectors to regulate the mechanisms of tax work in a way that serves the national economy."

 Location of Iraq
Al-Baghdadi proposed the establishment of a large international airport to be a global terminal for passengers traveling towards the poles of the eastern and western world to be a strategic place serving Iraq and the world and relieving the trouble of long distances.
He pointed out that "this project is large and influential globally, it must be among the economic programs that are studied seriously, and the choice of the appropriate location for such an important project economically," where this project will inspire other sectors


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