Planning: $ 160 million cost of the project to improve financial and administrative performance in 6 provinces

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Planning: $ 160 million cost of the project to improve financial and administrative performance in 6 provinces Empty Planning: $ 160 million cost of the project to improve financial and administrative performance in 6 provinces

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Baghdad - Mawazine News

The Ministry of Planning announced on Monday an integration project to improve the administrative and financial performance in six provinces at a cost of $ 160 million.

The Ministry of Planning and Finance, the Audit and Finance Bureau, the Supreme Council for Inter-Provincial Coordination, a number of governors and representatives of local governments and in cooperation with the Takamul project, funded by the United States Agency for Development, said in a statement received by Mawazine News / (USAID), discussed coordination mechanisms for local revenue and budgets between local governments and the federal government. "

He added that "the meeting discussed the challenges facing the federal government and local governments related to the organization and framing the relationship between all technical bodies with jurisdiction on the subject of local revenues and budgets and the search for practical solutions appropriate to unite visions and coordinate efforts and achieve an integrative relationship between the provinces on one hand and between them and the federal government of On the other hand".

"This aims to establish a coordination framework that takes into account the exchange of expertise and technical information in an easy and transparent manner that will help the provinces to comply with laws and legislation and work with the federal government to find the best solutions and overcome the obstacles they face in terms of local revenues and budgets."

He pointed out that "the participants in the workshop stressed the importance of the issue of local revenues and budgets, which requires a high level of coordination and development of local capacities and strengthen the system of administrative decentralization through the transfer of financial powers to the provinces."

The attendees stressed the need to avoid problems and clashes that may occur between the federal government and local governments as a result of incompatibility in the practical application of instructions or a misinterpretation of the concepts of the basic objectives, to eliminate any duplication or overlap of powers between the two sides, calling for "to work on laying the foundation And specific criteria for the organizational structure of the administrative and financial departments in the provinces and prepare a comprehensive reference document for these departments to enhance their role and help them to give a clear indication of the reality of the development of institutional performance and determine the corrective measures to develop its tasks commensurate with the large tasks that lead "She said.

"The project aims to launch a program to improve the level of performance and achieve good governance in Iraq," said the head of the project funded by the US Agency for International Development, John Leicester, stating that "work began this project mid-year 2017 and continue for 5 Years, including two basic years and three optional years. "

He pointed out that "the project cost more than 160 million dollars and is implemented by the head office in Baghdad and regional offices in Basra and Erbil and includes the first phase of the provinces (Baghdad - Basra - Arbil - Babylon - Anbar - Nineveh).

"The project aims to strengthen the Iraqi government's ability to provide the best services to citizens and improve financial management, as well as strengthen monitoring and accountability in the provision of services to maintain these services and respond to the needs of citizens and work to promote decentralization as a means to achieve the best services."

"The project also aims to help Iraq meet the reform requirements of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank's future loans. The project also works to strengthen national efforts to rebuild liberated areas and help local governments obtain the necessary resources to improve services in the provinces." / A.43التخطيط-160-مليون-دولار-تكلفة-مشروع-تحسين-الاداء-المالي-والإداري-محافظات


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