Saleh reassures flexible solutions that maintain economic security

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Saleh reassures flexible solutions that maintain economic security Empty Saleh reassures flexible solutions that maintain economic security

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12/6/2018 12:00 am

After the accumulation of thousands of containers of goods in the port of Umm Qasr

Baghdad / Hussein Thugb

Efforts are underway to find solutions to contain the problem of the accumulation of thousands of containers at the port of Umm Qasr, where the claims come in quick and long-term solutions to coordinate between the Council of Ministers, stakeholders and the private sector, parties concerned with keeping prices within levels that do not exhaust the low-income family economy.

Advisor to the Prime Minister d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh confirmed to the "morning" "This problem is a follow-up from the Prime Minister's Office and reassure everyone that the problem is on its way to a flexible solution that preserves the economic security of Iraq," pointing out that "solutions contribute to the introduction of goods to local markets smoothly and in accordance with law And address the bottlenecks that occurred during the last period, and to maintain price levels in the domestic markets.

He pointed out that "the safety of the economy represents a goal and the obstacles that led to this problem are being overcome to maintain the relativity of the supply of goods and the flow of trade."

Transport companies

The number of containers stacked during the last period 9123 containers containing various types of goods, which led to the delay to raise high fees by the international transport companies and impose fictitious amounts, which requires the government to intervene to contain the situation and extend the grace period for the entry of containers to the end of the year And then study the matter by all parties concerned and exit in a format that maintains the local market, "according to traders and those interested in economic affairs."

The spokesman for the General Company for Iraqi Ports, Anmar Al-Safi said in a press statement that "the Authority of sea ports imposed a full customs tariff, which was not in force earlier, which led to doubling the amounts and procedures required of traders and owners of import companies, who refused to interact with the resolution The new, which led to the accumulation of containers and goods in the ports of the province of Basra.

Basra province and by the governor Asaad Eidani confirmed that "the local government has made several observations on the recent decisions of the Ports Authority, including decisions that led to the accumulation of goods at the port of Umm Qasr."

The traders and suppliers organized a gathering in the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce during which they presented a number of demands that lead to maintaining the prices of the market and not burdening the citizen with new prices and raising the coordination between the concerned public institutions and the private sector.

Price level
The head of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Jaafar al-Hamdani said in the morning: "The imposition of any new instructions on the import of goods requires studying the matter in all respects, and there is a clear opinion of the private sector on this process and can provide advice that maintains the price level within its borders Natural ". He pointed out that "the protection of the local product requires that there be a study of the reality of national production of a certain material and how much cover the need of the market and then work to determine the quantities to be imported or impose taxes and duties on the importer," stressing the importance to work towards activating our industrial and agricultural sector and then initiate To develop mechanisms that limit prices. "

Pointing out that "the delay that occurred in the southern ports leads to higher prices to large levels, for example, the rise of imported chicken tons $ 1000 and school books 200 percent .. And the list goes on."

"The inconsistency in the instructions between the concerned institutions led to the accumulation of thousands of containers in the southern ports, which led the global transport companies to raise the price of delay to a large level, and did not stop at this limit, but went beyond that and began transport companies The international is working to empty the containers in the port and make the importer adopt a new transfer of more expensive, and there are companies that no longer make the ports of Basra within its destinations (according to Yasiri).

He pointed out that "postponing the prime minister to work the new instructions to the beginning of next July means that the problem exists and may be complicated, and this is not in favor of the Iraqi market," and called for delaying the application of instructions to the beginning of next year to be there time to study this matter and exit results do not affect the market Domestic and maintain the price level. "

Specific controls
On the issue of import licensing between Yasiri, "It is common practice in all parts of the world that the import license is granted to the prohibited substances that the country needs to carry out a specific and necessary order. As for food, vehicles and other materials, it is different and import procedures according to certain regulations maintain the local market and support the national economy , And there are global experiences in this matter can be benefited from.

A number of importers are threatened with bankruptcy to delay containers transporting goods imported to cover domestic demand in the markets.

Import license
"The demands of the traders were to delay the work of the new laws and regulations, to release the packed containers as soon as possible without an import license, and to form a joint committee of ministries and relevant departments and the elite of companies in the country of origin and importers of experienced and experienced Iraqis, The exemption of raw materials and machines from duties and taxes and the abolition of charges to protect the local product, and the calculation of customs tariff for some materials in tons or meters, not the number of construction materials to avoid corruption and customs claims.

He also said the cancellation of all the tax and customs exemptions that are specifically granted to all governmental and non-governmental institutions and bodies, the enactment of clear laws and the review of all previous resolutions, legislation and instructions, as well as the cancellation of controls established recently and in accordance with instructions issued by the government On the central route between the port and the provinces, which resumes detection procedures a second time.


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