Iraq is booming economically following high oil prices and the elimination of terrorism

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Iraq is booming economically following high oil prices and the elimination of terrorism Empty Iraq is booming economically following high oil prices and the elimination of terrorism

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Journal June 12, 2018

Baghdad - Journal News
The rise in international oil prices, which reflected positively on the Iraqi economy with the liberation of all regions of the organization calling the terrorist as the Finance Committee points to the rise of Iraq's monetary reserves with the Central Bank of Iraq to about 6 billion dollars, as well as the extrapolation of the country's external debt and reduce the budget deficit 2018.
"The latest Central Bank report indicates that its foreign currency reserves are increasing to 46 billion dollars instead of 40 billion dollars at the beginning of this year, as well as the rise in gold reserves," said Ahmad Hama, the committee's finance commissioner.
Hama added that "the rise of oil prices one dollar per barrel will achieve Iraq billion dollars every year, meaning that the government will achieve a surplus of 24 billion dollars in the event of continued high oil prices throughout the year."
"The government has a budget deficit of 13 trillion dinars and in the survival of oil prices to rise we will dispense with foreign loans.
Economists expect Iraq to overcome the financial crisis following global oil prices and the elimination of terrorism, which has cost the state coffers billions of dollars in the war to organize and control the oil fields in the north of the country and refineries and laboratories for cement and sulfur.

"The war on terrorism has cost the state budget about $ 100 billion, as well as huge human losses and another $ 100 billion estimates of the age of liberated areas of a terrorist organization," said a member of the investigative committee in the fall of Mosul.

A member of the Finance Committee, Sarhan Ahmed, in an interview in an earlier statement about the financial losses shocked by Iraq because of the invasion of "dashing" the cities and occupation.

Ahmed said the financial losses amounted to about $ 100 billion, of which $ 15 billion was lost by Iraq as a spending on the four-year war. Other losses are the bombing and destruction of oil fields, facilities and infrastructure such as bridges, factories, roads, water and electricity networks, sewage, telecommunications, government buildings, And public and private property of citizens.

He explained that at the level of the infrastructure of the Iraqi provinces entered by the organization, "Daash", the percentage of destruction more than 60 percent in Anbar province, 70 percent in the province of Nineveh, and 40 percent in Salahaddin province.العراق-يشهد-ازدهارا-اقتصاديا-عقب-ارتف/


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