Newspaper: Abadi may form a new political front in response to the alliance (Saron - Fatah)

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Newspaper: Abadi may form a new political front in response to the alliance (Saron - Fatah)

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - With three Shiite lists out of five joining a single bloc, the alliance of Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi in Shi'ite space has only his rival, Nuri al-Maliki, to ally himself with. Abadi may pave the way for a political front in response to Sadr's alliance and popular mobilization.

The newspaper "Arabs" in a report, published on Monday, 18 June 2018, that "Abadi is trying to pressure the new front led by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, by influencing the leaders on the list of Fatah and national, to persuade them to attend the meeting, After the Eid holiday, "noting that Abadi failed to attend a similar meeting called by the President of the Republic, Fuad Masoum, to discuss the crisis of rigging the election results.

Until now, Abadi has only responded to moderate Sunni lists, most notably the "decision" led by Osama Najafi, who has 13 seats in the new parliament.

The newspaper pointed out that the prime minister, who was third in the elections last May, is trying to respond to the scene of the alliance between "Sarun" and "conquest" led by Hadi Amiri and supported by Iran, building a counter front is packed with whoever can regardless of the points of convergence And the dispute, after the launch of an initiative calling for a high-level political meeting to discuss the future of political action.

She pointed out that "the parties of the four-party alliance, which gathers lists of others, Fatah, patriotism and wisdom, questioned the motives of calling Abadi, saying that the prime minister seeks to attract allies to make dangerous concessions, to convince the political lists to support him for a second term in office."

As for the position of the Sunnis and Kurds, the newspaper stressed that their positions will be important in strengthening the position of one of the two Shiite fronts, where the Abbadi, theoretically still have the opportunity to get the support of about 190 deputies in parliament, which exceeds the minimum majority required to pass the government cab, but because Abadi's hard-line positions, in the above, of Kurdish ambitions to turn the Kurdistan region into a Kurdish state, the Sadr line seems closer to the Kurds, but observers say such speculation may be deceptive.

For his part, considered an Iraqi political observer that Iran has succeeded in striking a pre-emptive strike of the impact of the election results through the establishment of a fragile alliance between "Sorrow" and "Fath," an alliance that may lead to damage to the coalition, "Saroon" through the abandonment of civil and Sunni parties to keep the current Sadr alone against the popular crowd which will necessarily weaken his ability to be the decision maker in the formation of the next government.

According to the current data, so far, did not respond to the invitation of Abadi, only medium-sized Sunni lists, and will attend the meeting of Abbadi to hear what he proposes, and his preference with the offer by the four-party alliance, according to some sources that Abadi insisted to run for office again, To the Shiite alliance, and may keep its list in opposition for four years.

According to the newspaper, "there is no legal value of any declared alliance, unless the results of judicial approval, which is impossible now, because of the large doubts challenged the integrity of the elections, and asked the Iraqi parliament to the judiciary to take the task of auditing the counting of votes, which was challenged by several parties , Some complained to the Supreme Court, which will resolve this controversy soon.

"If the court accepts the appeal, the current parliament will have to meet a full quorum before the 30th of this month to correct its legal procedures, which may be impossible, given the approaching parliament's mandate from the constitutional end, which begins early next month."

The paper concluded by saying that "the legal and constitutional procedures resulting from the decision of the Parliament to re-counting and sorting manually, may delay the formation of the new government to the month of March next year, which means that the parliamentary vacuum will be very long," noting that in light of those interactions, the decision The Federal Supreme Court to decide on the results of the elections will remain suspended because the court itself operates according to political agendas, which tend to bias the nature of the Iranian proposal, which supports the continuation of the quota system and exclude the idea of ​​establishing a government comprehensive national project


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