Abadi calls on the judiciary to expedite the issuance of arrest warrants against counterfeiters in the elections [expanded]

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Abadi calls on the judiciary to expedite the issuance of arrest warrants against counterfeiters in the elections [expanded]

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:58 pm

Prime Minister Haider Abadi called on judicial authorities to expedite issuing arrest warrants against forgers in the elections.

"Attempts by terrorists have been going on and since the elimination of an oppressor in Iraq, they are trying to breach the Iraqi-Syrian border to hit civilians and carry out terrorist acts in the cities," Abbadi said at the weekly press conference on Wednesday. "Our forces are now carrying out large-scale clearing operations including areas where they can hide. Terrorists, "adding that" there are cells of the fledged fled to the north and some of them hid in mountainous areas and our forces are now pursuing them. "

He added that "we launched a national initiative before the Eid al-Fitr to meet a broad national includes all political blocs to agree on the next program of the State administration and not only the government," noting that "the state consists of institutions and authorities, which need to re-examine the construction of these institutions and laid the foundations for state administration on the basis of Constitution and Law ".

He added that "the national agreement aims to speed up the steps of the formation of state institutions after the elections and correctly, and there is a broad welcome by the political blocs of the initiative we launched for the national meeting."

He pointed out that "the political blocs to cooperate to form an operations room or as we called the Preparatory Committee to lay the foundations of any political agreement to build the next state program, so we do not want to be the demands of the blocks of mass or special demands of the party we want national demands be a national document of what we offer to the citizen."

He added that "the tasks of the political blocs is not the rule, but is to provide what is good for the citizen and provide protection for him and move the economy and the work of comprehensive reforms in the administrative side and provide thousands of jobs and improve the level of living citizen," and called the political blocs during the national meeting to be held soon " Narrow and complete constitutional entitlements to the convening of the next parliament and the formation of the new government after the end of the process of counting and sorting and consider appeals and violations.

He called on all political blocs to "respect constitutional contexts," pointing out that "we will not allow ourselves to be part of any fraud."

He also called on judicial authorities and security forces to "prosecute the forgers and issue arrest warrants against them, search for evidence of fraud in the election process, and find the forgers and hand them over to the judiciary."

He said that "the issue of fraud in the elections is now the hands of the judiciary, which took over the responsibility of the administration of the Electoral Commission, and the government is committed to constitutional times, and all political blocs to adhere to these times."

He added that "we have two tracks, namely, the election scrutiny and accelerate the measures of the blocs that form the next House of Representatives, which must have understandings and meetings and this part of the task of the state and political blocs are not far from the state because the parliament is formed and the parliament is formed the government," adding that " Political differences will be reflected on security, economy, services and citizens, and the creation of communication among the political blocs is one of the most important functions of the state. "

He pointed out that "there are false messages from some political blocs led to intimidation of citizens, and the duty of the state is to protect the citizen, and will not allow to bypass the law and endanger security."

He added that "the security violations that occur are individual violations and not large and terrorism failed miserably to harm the citizens resorted to external roads and desert areas, but we directed the anti-terrorism and other forces to pursue small terrorist cells that try to tamper with security," recalling that " "They are used by groups that want to disrupt the security and are taking place without losses and aim to intimidate people and destabilize security, and we will not allow them to tamper with the security of citizens."

He also referred to the "handing over of the elements who have passed the day to the police of assistance, and were referred to the judiciary and are now in the process of investigation."

"There is no coordination between the Iraqi government and the Turkish side on the issue of carrying out raids on PKK elements inside Iraqi territory in the Qandil mountains," Abadi said, adding that "the Qandil mountain problem is an old problem, a rugged border area And the borders are not clear, and the Turkish army is conducting military operations against groups against the Turkish government in conjunction with the Turkish elections. "

He added that "Iraq's firm position is to prevent any acts hostile to neighboring countries and we do not allow any group that does hostile action against neighboring countries, and we do not agree to any hostile action against Turkey. It is also not allowed for the Labor Party to carry out military actions inside Iraqi territory because it is a foreign party And non-Iraqi and our invitation to Turkey is respect for Iraqi sovereignty and the failure to carry out any military actions inside Iraqi territory and will not allow any violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and from any party. "



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