Signs of disintegration and accelerated movement to announce the largest bloc ahead of the results of manual sorting

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Signs of disintegration and accelerated movement to announce the largest bloc ahead of the results of manual sorting

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June 25, 2018

Baghdad - Saad Mandelawi

The announcement of the alliance between the "coalition of victory" led by Prime Minister Haider Abadi and "Asron" led by Moqtada al-Sadr, to form the largest bloc in parliament, an incentive for other political forces to form traditional alliances to restore the scenario of 2014, with talk about the signs of the split of the Communist Party and virtue, The good.

And waiting for the political blocs in Iraq to start the process of counting and sorting the hand of the results of the elections that took place on May 12 last, after the parliament decided to extraordinary session to cancel the results of electronic sorting and recounting by the manual method approved by the Federal Court, in the process will be launched next Wednesday, sources told the «Journal News .

Expert and political analyst Essam al-Faily, went on to say that the alliance between al-Nasr and Surun, is the result of the friendly relationship between Sadr and Abadi.

"Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has a desire to get out of the party, and this is what Sadr will achieve by establishing a new relationship based on the building of a national state," al-Faily said in an interview with the newspaper.

The alliance is likely to lift Abadi's shares in a second term as prime minister.

Sadr said during a joint press conference with Abadi in the city of Najaf, the formation of a "cross-sectarian alliance" through the agreement on a new program with the list of victory, dealing with the most important work will be in the next government.

The agreement stipulated in its most important provisions that the government should continue to combat corruption and bring those found to be brought to justice, to limit arms to the state and to provide support to the security forces.

It also states that the government provides a comprehensive economic program, Baghdad maintains balanced relations with all countries, and maintains the unity of Iraq and its lands. According to the agreement, "the alliance between victory and the rest does not mean closing the door for others to join it, the alliance of Sadr with Abadi, Thus restoring the National Alliance with a new name (national space) ".

"The splits will be present in the recent alliances, especially on my list and the victory, because of the presence of Communists and civilians in the list of those who reject their alliance with the conquest and the presence of parties and personalities in the list of Abadi rejecting to enter into an alliance with lists of a Shiite majority."

"This split will make everyone return to the same old alliances, Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds. The face or the name of the alliances may be different from the previous one, but the content will be the same as long as everyone calls for quotas," Rikabi said in an interview with the New York News.

Observers believe that these alliances are the revival of the National Alliance and the formation of the government along the lines of the 2010 government and the return to sectarian alliances.

In contrast, the Sunni blocs are working to mend their limbs and revive the alliance of forces. A source familiar with the moves by the head of the Arab project Khamis al-Khangar with Sunni parties to form a Sunni bloc including Karbala, resolution and patriotism to align with Shiite alliances.

The leader of the coalition of decision, Athil Nujaifi, said that the announcement of a major Sunni alliance expected includes the "coalition of decision, Iraq, our identity led by Gamal Karbouli, the National People's Party led by the Governor of Salahuddin Ahmed Jubouri, the civil assembly of reform led by Salim al-Jubouri, and the coalition of Arab Saleh al-Mutlaq in addition to Other lists.

Nujaifi said that "there are dialogues between these parties, and the alliance was supposed to announce soon, but everyone was waiting for the decision of the Federal Court, and perhaps the decisions of the Federal Federation delay the announcement of this alliance, and may be very close announcement."

The leader of the coalition decision, "the final agreements between these parties are almost complete, and soon will be a meeting in the capital Baghdad between these parties in order to resolve the declaration of the coalition in a formal manner.بوادر-إنشقاق-وحراك-متسارع-لاعلان-الكت/


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