Five new destinations for Iraqi Airways

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Five new destinations for Iraqi Airways

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Economy News _ Baghdad

The Director General of Iraqi Airways Miran Farid said on Wednesday that the company completed its logistical and technical preparations for the opening of several direct flights with the world countries.
"This approach is part of the policy of openness and communication with various countries of the world in order to benefit from all the available resources in the fields of treatment and study to enable the Iraqi capabilities in various fields as well as in the field of tourism," Farid said in a statement.
Farid pointed out that "the next destination for green birds will be in Austria, France, Tunisia, Cyprus, Armenia and Syria through the opening of official offices of the company after completing all the requirements."
The Director General of Air Lines praised the role of the marketing division in the company, which carries out acts and roles aimed at providing a sense of scientific and scientific in order to provide the best services and facilitate all procedures to communicate with the countries of the world.


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