{Written understandings} regarding the announcement of {Greater Mass}

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{Written understandings} regarding the announcement of {Greater Mass}

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05/7/2018 12:00 am

Baghdad / Sabah / Shaima Rashid / Muhannad Abdul Wahab

 The political blocs, the continuation of consultations aimed at forming the next government, expected to extend those consultations until the month of September next, especially in light of anticipation of most of the political blocs to the results of counting and partial manual counting, which began last Tuesday, to the stations on which the complaints and appeals.

While the political forces confirmed the arrival of "understandings written" in the framework of the formation of the largest bloc in the new parliament, different views on the political re-counting and sorting, between the demands to keep it to be "partial" and the need to be holistic. The former deputy Jassim Mohammed Jaafar said in a press statement that "the process of forming the next government" is not easy "and it needs two months to resolve the election results and ratification and then hold the first meeting of the House of Representatives." Jafar expected to see " Some changes, according to the new results will be generated by counting and sorting "

For his part, said a member of the former parliament for the National Alliance nostalgia Qaddo, in a press statement, "The winning political blocs working through dialogues between them to create initial understandings to form the largest bloc," noting that "these understandings did not reach the stage of full seriousness and maturity until the ratification of the Court Federal on the results and clarity of the final image of the volumes of blocs and personalities winning the elections. "

Al-Qaddo added that "there are understandings currently between those who are on the one hand and openness and victory, wisdom and patriotism on the other hand, in addition to the desire of Sunni and Kurdish blocs to join these understandings," pointing out that "what is currently being dialogues did not include naming any person for the post of prime minister "The formation of political alliances depends on the ratification of the results of the elections by the Federal Court after the completion of partial counting and sorting," noting that the former deputy state law Farid Brahimi, for the "morning", that "the formation of political alliances depends on the ratification of the election results by the Federal Court after the completion of counting and partial sorting," noting that "The situation will remain the same."

The leader of the movement of wisdom Sheikh Hamid Maala al-Saadi said that "his movement has been able since the announcement of the results of the parliamentary elections last May to be a series of contacts with the winning forces and to conclude a series of agreements reached some understandings written." Saadi said, "He added that" the wisdom plays a pivotal role in drawing up projects and deliberating ideas about the next stage.

"The winning candidate in the same stream, Hassan Khalati, says:" We are about An electoral process was conducted according to the law of our voice In the House of Representatives after the Electoral Commission demanded certain procedures for the elections, and the process of amending the law and the use of organs to accelerate the results were approved by all and there are violations and errors vary between the province and the other.

"He added that" all political blocs warned of any step leading to a defect in the electoral process, "We are with the measures aimed at achieving the right and remedy any imbalance and any issue in which the forgery should not be tolerated and we do not allow it." He explained that "not listening to the voices calling for postponement of the elections was for some reason, but we were an unconstitutional constitutional obstacle They are finished Age of the House of Representatives after 4 years. "

On the count and manual sorting, Khalati said that "the results of manual counting will not affect much because the appeals in Baghdad and the southern provinces are very few compared to other provinces, according to specialists, the results will not be significantly different from the electronic ballot." He noted that "the compass of alliances remains the same trends and will stabilize After the announcement of the results.

"As for the processes of counting and sorting" partial "said the leader of the coalition of the rule of law, Khalid al-Asadi," The preliminary results of the counting and counting of the hands of voters in Kirkuk, which was revealed by some observers showed a significant difference between the previous electronic counting and "The emergence of this percentage of variance refers to the large volume of fraud and the confiscation of votes in the rest of the provinces of Iraq and places all officials and decision makers in the Federal Court and the judiciary in front of the national responsibility and the historical application of the law And compel the Electoral Commission to conduct a comprehensive counting and counting in all Iraqi provinces and revealed the fraud that lasted many electoral centers.

The election official in the Turkmen Front, Ahmed Ramzi Coopero, revealed in a press statement, that "the process of counting and sorting the initial that we received from our observers in the center of counting and sorting, and after the comparison between the counting and sorting the previous electronic counting and manual counting, the results showed a difference in excess of 50 percent. "

On the related level, the former deputy, Zaher al-Abadi, demanded that the count be comprehensive and complete in the province of Kirkuk and in the presence of political entities and representatives of civil society organizations to see the facts, noting that the rate of imbalance, fraud and complaints were clear in this province.

The Abadi, in an interview for "morning", that the violations that took place in Kirkuk are different from the rest of the provinces and therefore must be counting and sorting completely to get to the reality of the subject, pointing out that our main demand is that the counting and sorting in Kirkuk at least.

For his part, the former MP, Habib terminal, that the counting and sorting process going smoothly, especially that the custodians of experienced judges have won the confidence of all, noting that the operations are conducted well and will cut doubts.

He described the terminal, in an interview for "morning", the process of counting and sorting in part as "positive" because the judicial authority issued and implemented, "and hoped that the process will culminate successfully and consistently

There is little time to take into consideration the situation in Iraq. For his part, counted former MP, Mohammed Khalidi, what the Commission of counting and sorting part is true and natural according to the election law, pointing out that if it became full will be challenged by other parties and the opposition will continue to reach a result. Khalidi added: To be counted in the funds questionable only, calling for the process of counting and sorting manual in the presence of international and local observers because the law allows it.



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