The coalition of Abadi announced a meeting with 11 entities to form the government and close to him attacking the "pilgrimage of conquest and law" of Erbil

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The coalition of Abadi announced a meeting with 11 entities to form the government and close to him attacking the "pilgrimage of conquest and law" of Erbil

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2018/07/07 17:34
Hussein Al-Adly, spokesman for the coalition "victory" for holding several successful meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting of the blocks winning the elections.

Al-Adli said in a statement to twilight News that the representatives of 11 electoral entities attended the meetings and formed a preparatory committee and studied the place and time and the paper principles for the meeting, and agreed to hold a meeting of the leaders of the blocks winning after the completion of the principles paper as soon as possible.

Al-Adly pointed out that the political blocs and in light of the call made by Abadi continue to engage positively with the project of national meeting, which is hoped to agree on a road map on the state administration program for the next phase and quickly start to choose future formations, including the government after the ratification of the election results.

He said Adli: soon will be announced the date of the national meeting of the leaders of the blocks in light of the findings of the Preparatory Committee.

For his part, said Ihsan al-Shammari adviser Abadi said in a statement today that "the recent statements issued by the leader of the" faction "Moqtada al-Sadr and his spokesmen not to be able to alliance with the rule of law, gave clear signals in the form of alliances and the coming paths.

He added that "this comes after several variables, including the failure of the pressure exerted by countries to re-produce the Shiite house (politically) and then put agendas to manage Iraq from behind the border (according to the last tug of the chest), as well as the mediation of Hadi al-Ameri leader The list of opening events of a change in the wall of differences Sadr _ Maliki did not bear fruit as planned by the parties of conquest and law.

Al-Amiri, who aspires to the post of prime minister, relies heavily on his undeclared alliance with the state of law to translate this ambition politically and parliamentaryly, and it seems that he collided with (No) Sadr in rapprochement with the rule of law, ", In the words of al-Shari, who is always very sharp with Abadi's opponents.

He pointed out that "(not to ally with the rule of law) is the first condition or Vito put by Sadr to the political forces to ally with him, after talking about the patriarchal government and the Iraqi national project is a new requirement was not placed in the calculations of Amiri, which realized that the determinants of Sadr radically changed from Year 2010 ".

Al-Shammari said that "the despair of the seduction of the chest by the conquest and the law of the idea of ​​alliance and Tarshich Amiri or the candidate of the settlement, pushed the latter to the pilgrimage to Arbil for two purposes, the first of the possibility of winning alliance with the Kurdistan Democratic ahead of any other political forces, and second pressure on other alliances, Nasr "and" Asrun "as an attempt to return to the building of the National Alliance, which collapsed despite attempts to restore internal and external.

He also expressed his opinion that "the attempt to open the law will not succeed with the Kurdistan Democratic, as a result of several determinants within the region and at the national or international level, as well as the nature of the negotiators of the delegation confirms what we went to it, taking into account the lack of dialogues to open effective and rule of law with the forces Political and national. "

He pointed out that "victory" and "others" represent the status of the middle between all political forces and so far this coalition is the most fundamental among the understandings that took place between the winning blocs and this determines us that there are two tracks for alliances: Track I: Suron and victory as a national project collector.

He continued by saying that the second track: the conquest and the law, which relies on the revival of component houses.

In the moving movement met the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Saturday with the head of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi, today in the city of Najaf.

A statement issued by Sadr's office said that "during the meeting discussed many topics that concern the Iraqi issue, especially the political file and the formation of the next Iraqi government."

Sadr stressed on the need to accelerate the formation of the government, stressing "its identity in order to provide services and provide a free and decent life for the Iraqi individual."

The statement pointed out that "during the meeting dealt with the issue of counting and sorting, as well as the general issues that concern the country and the need to find effective solutions to strengthen security and stability in Iraq."

Note: The content that is entitled (coalition Abadi announced a meeting with 11 entities to form the government and close to him attacking the "pilgrimage to the conquest and the law" of Erbil) published first on the site (Twilight News) and does not bear the encyclopedia of this news day content in any way.
You can see the details of this address (coalition Abadi announced a meeting with 11 entities to form the government and close to him attacking the "pilgrimage of conquest and law" of Erbil) through the original source any site (Twilight News).,15700002,15700021,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700191,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhhanOPu-5zrtOLK6auhIo56Me3QwA


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