Except the rule of law ... Shiite blocs resume negotiations on the post of new prime minister

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Except the rule of law ... Shiite blocs resume negotiations on the post of new prime minister

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07-07-2018 11:49 AM

Representatives of the Shiite blocs, with the exception of the 'State of Law' bloc led by Nuri al-Maliki, are due to resume their meetings after a few days' stand-off due to sharp differences between Hadi al-Amiri's bloc and Wazoon, which is headed by Moqtada al-Sadr.

Political sources in Baghdad said that the initial and fragile alliance between 'Fatah' and 'Fallen' is liable to collapse completely.

According to an Iraqi minister connected to the negotiations, spoke to the 'new Arab', Sadr held three preliminary agreements are considered a prelude to a major alliance towards the Great Bloc, the first with 'conquest' led by Hadi Amiri, and the second with 'victory' led by Haider Abadi, 'National' and 'wisdom' led by both Iyad Allawi and Ammar al-Hakim.

"There are difficult differences with the opening around the name of the prime minister and the form of government and its program, and so far there is no progress on the subject.

As for the talks with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his bloc, the minister explained that they are related to positions, and there is almost complete agreement on the government program between the parties. As for Allawi and Hakim, it can be said that it is an alliance.

He added that the process of counting and sorting and waiting for the results in favor of political consultations, especially that talk about another month until the ratification of the final results of the elections, if this is not challenged again by the political blocs, and therefore will freeze the results until the decision appeals, Describing the Iraqi political situation as a 'chaos', revealing that 'many of the leaders of the blocks are waiting for the return of Qasim Soleimani to Iraq again after he left to Syria because of the attack on Daraa'.



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