Revealing a legal exit exploited by officials to evade accusations of "corruption"

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Revealing a legal exit exploited by officials to evade accusations of "corruption"

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July 8, 2018

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While waiting for the Iraqi street issuance of arrest warrants against officials in the State on charges of financial and administrative corruption files with the near end of the life of the current government, is talking about a legal breakthrough used by employees in connection with dealings estimated Balmairat, to evade the account.

The outgoing parliament voted on Article 33 of the General Budget Law concerning granting employees a "five-year" leave in which the nominal salary and years of leave are calculated for retirement purposes for the employee, which provides a way out for those employees.

The security expert and political analyst Ahmad al-Abyad revealed that a list of 37 wanted individuals would be made available to the Interpol delegation in Baghdad.

"The Iraqi government has prepared a list of 37 individuals required for the Iraqi judiciary issued arrest warrants for the theft of public money in large amounts."

"The Interpol intends to hand over passport passports to those figures and circulate them to the countries of the world to arrest them."

Most departments and ministries are currently witnessing an increase in the number of employees and managers who are being granted licenses by a very short period of time. This is a dangerous indicator of the escape of these people (managers and employees) after they were proven to be involved in corrupt files, according to informed sources.

The sources said that "the government granted a five-year vacation to take advantage of the amounts of employees who have the leave to support the reconstruction process and fill the financial shortfall from the fall in oil prices in a timely manner."

She added that "the employee is entitled according to the laws of the state to leave the year without pay, and today there is a desire to promote these transactions to escape the possibility of moving arrest warrants against them after proven involvement in files of administrative and financial corruption," noting that "the government institution law gives the employee leave for reasons of his own" .

"One of the female employees in a government department involved in the sale and purchase of land and real estate was offered a leave without pay and her transactions were signed in record time."

"An official in one of the ministries got a three-month vacation to travel abroad for fear of being arrested on corruption charges, hoping that his party would get a ministry in the new government to settle his files," another official told the Journal News.

"These actions clearly indicate the involvement of officials in financial or administrative corruption files directly or through the involvement of these employees," the legalists said.

"What these people are doing is a way of securing their legal exit out of Iraq," he told the Journal News. "Some of the staff have traveled outside Iraq and are being forced by some officials for fear of being investigated by the judiciary and revealing files Great corruption. "

He called on government agencies to "follow up this file legally and activate the judicial effort, especially the administrative judiciary and focus on the dual citizenship because it contributes to the protection of corrupt officials."

For his part, says a member of the legal committee in the House of Representatives former Sadiq al-Laban in an interview earlier «Journal News», that "legal immunity lifted all members of the House of Representatives and are subject to judicial accountability."

"All judicial decisions to be issued against deputies, public directors and perhaps other officials of the state must be based on impartiality and independence in decision-making, and should not interfere with personal conflicts and party liquidation as determined by the judiciary to achieve certain benefits or to bring down opponents," he said. "To focus well on the substance of the proceedings against government officials and members of the former parliament."الكشف-عن-تخريجة-قانونية-استغلها-موظفو/


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