The delegated judges supervise the manual counting and sorting in Baghdad

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The delegated judges supervise the manual counting and sorting in Baghdad

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Kurdish opposition parties cross the operation in Sulaymaniyah
Baghdad / Follow-up morning
The judges assigned to the Board of Commissioners of the Electoral Commission at the Baghdad International Fair on Monday, supervised the process of manual counting and partial counting of ballot boxes in the provinces of Basra, Maysan, Muthanna, Dhi Qar, Wasit and Diwaniyah, at a time when six parties representing the Kurdish opposition boycotted the same procedures in the province Sulaymaniyah, which was launched in parallel with Baghdad, stressing that these measures «is not transparent and unfair» and called for a manual counting «manual» funds of the region and Kirkuk. This comes at a time when the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, To cut dialogue with foreign countries on the formation of alliances, while the Kurdistan Democratic Party opposed the concept of "political majority" posed by «law» to form the next government.
The Baghdad International Fair began early Monday morning, the process of recounting and counting the partial votes of six provinces in conjunction with the start of similar operations in the province of Sulaymaniyah, in the presence and supervision of judges assigned to the Commission and representatives of political entities.

Kurdish opposition
For their part, the representatives of the six Kurdish opposition parties, expressed their rejection of the process of counting and sorting the hand of the disputed and disputed ballot boxes in the province of Sulaymaniyah, the current operation is not transparent and it contravenes the instructions issued by the Iraqi Council of Representatives outgoing in this area.
Representatives of the six parties said in a press conference held in Sulaymaniyah: "We spoke to the Office of the Independent High Electoral Commission to report closely, and we follow the sequence of funds that will be counted and hand counting and watch the voting papers," and expressed regret for the way they described the transparent and mysterious, Currently counting and sorting, they were asked to move 15 meters away from the ballot boxes contested by the operation is currently underway.
The representatives of the Kurdish opposition parties said: "We have asked the Commission (the judges assigned) to approach more than the distance specified in order to disclose the process, but they refused and did not allow us to do so," noting that "the behavior of this Board of Commissioners is contrary to the election law and the recent instructions of the Council And the six Kurdish opposition parties are: the Movement for Change, the Islamic Group, the Alliance of Democracy and Justice, the Kurdistan Islamic Union, the Communist Party and the Islamic Party. (Change, the Islamic Group and the Islamic Union of Kurdistan), to consider the results of the elections in the Kurdistan region declared by the former Board of Commissioners «as if they were not», demanding that the Commission mandated to conduct the count and the total count of the provinces of the province and Kirkuk "The three blocs said in a statement received by Al - Sabah:" We were surprised by the issuance of the Board of Commissioners of the judges assigned their decision, which provides for the partial counting and sorting And we consider that this is not consistent with the text of the law referred to nor with the demands of the people and our demands as political parties affected by fraud, and can not correct the electoral process only through the total count of all polling stations, especially in the provinces of Kurdistan, and we were Our appeals include the entire electoral process in the electoral districts in the Kurdistan region and Kirkuk ».

«Open» Kirkuk
In turn, threatened the head of the list of opening in the province of Kirkuk, Mohammad Mahdi al-Bayati, resorting to international courts and the international judiciary in the case of non-response to their demands for the counting and manual counting of all funds challenged. He said in an interview with the press: "The work of the Electoral Commission in the count and manual sorting of the province was disappointing» , Noting that «days ago was the identification of 522 boxes for counting and manual sorting, but the Commission stopped counting and sorting before the completion of all funds, although the survival of many funds did not open for unknown reasons», adding Bayati, «Kirkuk Kirkuk Kirkuk and with the participation of Arabs Kirkuk we have fears that there is a conspiracy against Some sounds "He pointed out that" the Commission has opened 402 funds and then stopped its work. "He pointed out that« we will not accept any result announced to the 402 funds without completing all the 522 funds », adding that« was written a formal objection to the Committee The judiciary assigned to counting and sorting and waiting for the official response to our address ».

«Shriek» chest
In another matter, the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr said in a tweet on Twitter: «Love Iraq, I recommend you and myself to apply the following tips, which is on the political blocs cut the dialogue on the formation of alliances and beyond with the United States and neighboring countries, this is our case we are only Iraqis» .
"I advise all the political blocs to stay away from the sectarian and sectarian strife and sectarian strife, and in my turn I reject any Sunni, Shiite, Kurdish or other trenching," he said. "I am ready to cooperate in order to create a cross-party alliance for partisan, sectarian and national division."

Political alliances
The winning candidate for the Alliance and the secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iraq, Raed Fahmi: that his list has not yet been engaged with a coalition of state law in the formation of the next government, Fahmy said in an interview, "to date no dialogue with the State Law, we want to fight corruption ».
For his part, said a member of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Sobhi Mandalawi: «We do not have a red line to any party or personality, and what is important to us is the program», indicating that «the picture is still unclear about the program closest to us, we find that there is a difference in visions and perhaps there is a formation "We are against the political majority because Iraq can not be governed by a political majority and it is a component," he said. "We are against the political majority because Iraq can not be governed by a political majority. Is absent and deprived if there is a majority political government The Iraqi situation is not allowed to be there so the government ».


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