Provincial elections await judges' decision

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Provincial elections await judges' decision

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July 10, 2018

Baghdad - Private

While officials confirmed the Electoral Commission for elections that the process of counting and sorting the hands of the voices of voters in six southern provinces are proceeding smoothly and under the supervision of the UN, revealed leaks on the existence of a proposal to extend the life of local councils, which is scheduled to hold elections in December.

The Iraqi government approved the date of December 22, a date for holding the provincial elections in Iraq, after it was scheduled to be held in conjunction with the general legislative elections in mid-May.

"The amendment of the law of elections of provincial councils and districts will be the first tasks that await the House of Representatives in its new legislative session," said a member of the parliamentary legal committee, former deputy Zana Said.

Said said in an interview, "The provincial elections will be conducted according to the mechanism and the same procedures that were applied in the elections of the House of Representatives and using the system of electronic devices themselves and electronic voting as well."

He added that "if the commission authorized the rigging of the results of the general elections, we will proceed to set a new date for the elections, and this authority was previously the outgoing parliament and the government together," noting that "the holding of elections will require amendment of the election law, because the current law will face the same obstacles The dubious results are the same. "

In turn, the Rapporteur of the Committee on the affairs of regions and provinces, former MP Rasul Abu Hasna, the possibility of postponing the provincial elections scheduled for late this year to another notice until the formation of the new government, allowing the allocation of funds and the preparation of technical requirements for local elections.

"The new parliament will first withdraw confidence from the members of the Commission whose work has been frozen, keep the judges assigned or vote on the selection of new commissioners to take over the administration of the board of commissioners," Abu Hasna told the New York News. Will lead to delaying the announcement of the results and ratification and then prepare for the elections provincial councils, which need at least 6 months in the same as any other electoral process.

Abu Hasna added that "everyone is waiting for the House of Representatives to heal the new session to ratify the law of provincial and district elections, and scrutinizing every article within the law, so as not to repeat the mistakes of the elections of the House of Representatives itself, including electronic voting and counting and electronic sorting," noting that "any electoral process "It is possible that at this time you need a financial cover, but the delay in forming the new government may not allow this now."

According to informed sources, "The new parliament once it will discuss the file of provincial elections," pointing out that "delaying the formation of the government will be a complement to a combination of factors leading to delaying local elections."

The sources added in an interview with the Journal News that "the local governments if the extension of its work will be tight control by the parliament and the new government on the allocations of projects for fear of the possibility of exploitation of some members who see themselves losers if they run for a new session."انتخابات-المحافظات-تنتظر-قرار-القضاة/


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