Politicians: The announcement of the largest parliamentary bloc depends on the results of the final elections

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Politicians: The announcement of the largest parliamentary bloc depends on the results of the final elections

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12/7/2018 12:00 am

Today, the start of manual counting of more than 200 boxes in Erbil
Baghdad / Sabah / Omar Abdul Latif
The majority of political blocs pledged to announce their alliances to form the largest bloc by completing the counting and manual counting of the contested funds and the final announcement of the results of the elections, indicating that the delay in announcing the results caused confusion for the political blocs that could have completed their alliances early. The Prime Minister and the Government Program issues that needed to be brought to the table, she felt that all alliances could change after the results were approved.
This comes at a time when the judge appointed to oversee the counting and manual sorting in the province of Erbil, Judge Adel Jassim, that the Council of the Independent High Electoral Commission (judges delegated) can not announce the results unless the process is completed at home and abroad, declaring that the process will begin today to the funds Contested in Erbil, while the source revealed that the results of counting and sorting of the provinces of the provinces (Basra, Muthanna, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Diwaniyah and Wasit) were 100 percent identical.

Natural competition
The leader of the coalition of state law, Hassan al-Senaid, for "morning": "The competition for the prime minister and the largest bloc is a natural competition and constitutional political approach is not dust, which is the right for construction and reconstruction and maintenance services, so any bloc to move and compete for the formation of the bloc The largest in the frameworks of the Constitution and the interest of the people and not partisan interest or factional or mass, noting that what happened from the movements of shuttle between all the blocks was a political approaches did not reach the formation of the largest bloc.
Al-Sunaid said that there is movement on the Sunni and Kurdish components, and understandings have been reached, which could lead to alliances that could reach the coalition, in addition to dialogue with the Al-Nasr bloc in order to be among the founders of this alliance.
And on the nature of the largest bloc that can be announced during the next few days, Al-Senaid said it will be formed from all the Iraqi spectrum as many MPs as possible to provide a state of understanding to advance the responsibility of the presidency of the government, adding that there is no override on any of the blocks are all founders and any other bloc No matter how important and influential it may be in this alliance.
He called on everyone to establish a large and comprehensive majority through which the political scene can produce a prime minister and government satisfied by the people because the important thing in the dialogues is the interest of the country and satisfaction and acceptance of the people, stressing that the achievement of the demands of the people and Iraq in the construction and reconstruction and the provision of services more important than the political benefits, And party.
The leader of the state of law that the initial calculation of the number of seats that can form of this bloc may exceed 200 seats of the brothers in all components of sectarian, national and social, expressing the hope of the other blocs to join together in a comprehensive majority that contribute to the stability of the political situation And consider the needs

National majority
For his part, the winning candidate in the Fatah bloc, Uday Awad, expressed the hope that something will crystallize in the next few days to announce the largest bloc after the end of the staff of the Commission of their work in the re-counting and manual counting of the results of the elections.
Awad, in an interview for "morning", what he described as "electronic results" responsibility for the delay in forming the government and the confusion of the political blocs and the situation is unstable.
Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Union of Iraqi Forces, Laith al-Dulaimi, said that our coalition of 28 deputies proposed to set specific specifications for those who will take positions in the three presidencies and the cabinet.
Al-Dulaimi told Al-Sabah that the alliance aspires to bring the views of the parties representing the Sunni provinces closer together and to work on a single program agreed upon. These provinces have been devastated, destroyed and their infrastructure destroyed, and their children have been subjected to pressure. National contribution by all to promote the reality of those provinces.
Al-Dulaimi added that the alignments on the basis of the components are a loss for the opportunity to build all the provinces and call for an end to the era of political differences on the basis of components, so we saw the start of a new phase we are trying to achieve in cooperation with everyone to build Iraq from north to south, stressing go with those who agree and accept this program and the announcement of the alliance In the coming days on the basis of the national majority.
Dulaimi pointed to the existence of a proposal to establish standards and specifications for the candidates of the three presidencies and ministers to build state institutions on the basis of competence and the provision of personalities correspond to their orientation with the specifications set to get the confidence of all during the voting.
In the meantime, a member of the Political Bureau of the people of the right, Mahmoud al-Rubaie, said in a press statement that "there are understandings and ongoing dialogues between victory and Fatah and other blocs and blocks, but did not reach the stage of forming an alliance," noting that "there is a desire for everyone The formation of the largest bloc, but all dialogues did not reach the stage of final understandings. " Al-Rubaie added that "there are real factors that stand in the way of forming alliances at this stage, most notably the lack of ratification of the Federal Court on the final results and demands of all political blocs," pointing out that "the issue of ministries and the Prime Minister and the government program are all issues need to mature on the table of discussions" .
"We are waiting for the outcome of the dialogues and meetings to determine with the end of the alliance, and everyone to be at the level of responsibility and to know the magnitude of the risks that surround the country," he said, calling on political forces "to move forward in order to form the largest parliamentary bloc to lead the country correctly "He said.

Form of the next government
On a related level, the leader of the National Coalition, Abdel Karim Abtan, in a press statement, "The committees to negotiate with the other political blocs have not yet reached an understanding leading to the signing of final political agreements to form a government," pointing out that "all alliances Political announced now is not real and will change immediately after the completion of counting and manual counting and ratification of the election results. "
Abtan noted that "there is confusion in the political concepts of the blocks where it is not clear so far form of the next government and who is the political opposition and who are the poles of the government."
In the context, said a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, former MP Majid Shankali, in a press statement: "All dialogues being conducted by the Democratic Party is currently in the process of forming the largest bloc and the next government are positive dialogues, but did not reach the stage of signing the final agreements," noting that " Dialogues that are now fixed on three bases are not imposing no restrictions and no conditions from any party and the Constitution will be the reference to deal with all parties. "
"The Kurdistan Democratic Party will deal with the proposed government programs and not with the personalities," Shankali said. "We will seek consensus on the personalities that will be put forward to assume the posts of prime ministers, deputies or the republic."
"There are ongoing meetings between the Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to unify the visions and the unified program that will be presented through one negotiating delegation that goes to dialogue with the political forces in Baghdad," Shankali said.
While the member of the Council of the leadership of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Areez Abdullah, that "the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Democratic Party have agreed on a semi-final to declare their alliance immediately after the ratification of the election results."
Abdullah added that "the new Kurdistan Alliance will strengthen the bargaining power of the Kurdistan region with the political blocs in Baghdad to form the largest coalition and the next government," noting that "the share of the two parties in government positions and identify the President of the Republic will be subject to dialogues between the two sides in consultation with the Kurdish parties
Other ".

Complete preparations
On the latest developments in the counting and manual counting of funds contested, said the judge assigned to oversee the counting and manual sorting in the province of Erbil, Adel Jassim, in a statement made by Erbil, on Wednesday: "We completed the preparations for the start of Thursday in the process of counting and sorting by hand."
He added that "currently we can not declare the results of counting and manual sorting in the provinces of Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah as it will affect the rest of the provinces and in the process abroad," stressing that "after the completion of counting and manual sorting of funds contested abroad and inside will be announced all the results."
"After the completion of counting and sorting in Erbil, we will go to Duhok and carry out the operation there with the funds contested," Judge Jassim said. For his part, the former MP from the province of Arbil, Zana Said, that "the Commission completed all preparations and transferred funds questionable to the site of manual counting and sorting in Erbil."
"Said Said that" the Commission will open more than 200 funds to conduct the examination on the validity of the results, "noting that" the opposition parties are continuing in their calls to conduct a comprehensive count and disclose the size of fraud. "
On the other hand, revealed a source familiar with the latest developments in the process of counting and manual sorting of the partial results of the parliamentary elections, which is ongoing at the Baghdad International Fair.
The source said in a press statement that "the counting and sorting of the stations of Diwaniyah Governorate, which is 85 stations, was completed and the results were 100 percent identical." The number of Muthanna stations was 93 and the result was 100 percent.
The source pointed out that "the completion of private stations submitted complaints and appeals in six southern provinces (Basra, Muthanna, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Diwaniyah and Wasit) and the results match 100
Percent. "
He pointed out that "will be transferred on Thursday ballot boxes contested in Anbar province and include 501 stations and Salahaddin province and include 425 stations to the capital Baghdad for the manual counting and counting."



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