Suron sets his terms in the candidate for the presidency

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Suron sets his terms in the candidate for the presidency Empty Suron sets his terms in the candidate for the presidency

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Editorial date: 2018/9/27 7:00

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) MP from the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction - Saron, Rami al-Sakini, on the terms of the alliance in the presidential candidate.

"The Kurds have taken a lesson in the need to open up to Baghdad, and the solution and opinion in it despite the existence of extremist nationalist tendencies," Al-Sikini told Al-Furat News.

"We are with a Kurdish candidate who believes in the sovereignty and unity of Iraq and does not believe in secessionist tendencies, and certainly we do not like a republican president who has a separatist nationalism but enjoys an inclusive national spirit," he said.

"The current parliament is different from its predecessors away from the sectarian and national confinement, and according to my vision of the election of the three presidencies will be a bit far from the political deals and the exchange of positions."

He added that "the political opposition is not a defect, but after the election of the presidency of the Republic will change positions," noting that "the competition for the prime minister will be more than the presidency, and the political scene may change in seconds, not days."

He explained that "the fragmentation of political blocs today and alliance on the basis of programs is good, as well as the Kurdish dispute is good in achieving balance and lead to the maturity of the political process."

He added that "the Iraqi citizen does not care who is the President of the Republic for the urgent need of services," noting that "what is run in the three presidencies is different than before, and the Kurdish parties have some understandings and differences and all these do not mean the citizen something."


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