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Mohammed Abdul Jabbar Carp

The Iraqi Society for Public Policy and Human Development will hold its second annual scientific conference in Baghdad on October 20.

The conference will discuss several important addresses, including: economic reform, administrative reform, protection of the national product, and finally invest the oil wealth for the prosperity and development of Iraq in all fields.

Which drew my attention that the conference is held under the slogan "Iraq and modern civilized state." This is the first time that I have used the term ' civilized' state, which I launched a while ago through my series of articles, and I still use it extensively.

When the term was first introduced, some writers and commentators objected to the term, saying that it was not included in political science and constitutional law research.

They said that the term is not defined in the academic and academic sources.

These books speak about the pillars of the state, remembering the region, the people and the sovereignty. They speak of simple states and federal states, the democratic state, the authoritarian state, the capitalist state, the communist state, and the Islamic state, but they have not heard or read about the "modern civilized state" as a coherent and integrated term.

It is true that his three books (state, civilization, modernity) are known and studied individually, but the combination of them as a title for the description of the state, this is not mentioned in the academic books.

They are right. The term is new and its idea is new.

That is why I have written many articles to explain the term.

The extraction of the descriptions of countries derives from a central point in the idea of ​​the state. The capitalist state is based on the market economy, the socialist state, the state ownership of means of production, and the Islamic state to implement Islamic law. What is the origin of extracting the civilized character of our desired state?

Answer: The cultural complex. The modern civilized state is based on the civilizational complex and the behavioral and moral values ​​of civilization. The cultural complex consists of five elements: man, land, time, science and work. The values ​​of civilization are the ruling indicators of the state, society and citizens in their abuse with these elements.

The following equation is the summary of this idea:

Civilization = Civilization + Civilizational Values.

The modern civilized state is the general framework for employing this equation.

My appeal to this idea is to urge people to work for a modern civilized state in Iraq.

This requires two things:

The first is the launching of the battle against underdevelopment, as backwardness represents a severe imbalance in the cultural complex. This includes systematic backwardness, political backwardness, economic backwardness, administrative backwardness, social backwardness, religious backwardness, educational backwardness, etc.

Second, launch the wheel of civilizational reform and this includes political reform, economic reform, administrative reform, social reform, religious reform, educational reform, etc.

There is no need to say that man is the axis of civilization, because cultural values ​​represent the way of dealing with individual and community, with himself and with the rest of the vocabulary of civilization. Therefore, the battle against underdevelopment and the battle for the advancement of civilization and thus the establishment of modern civilized state in Iraq depends primarily on changing the internal content of man and society. The essence of change is education and dialogue on cultural values ​​that lead to the establishment of a well-organized society, dealing with man, time, land, science and work. This is the civilizational, or citizen-effective, which forms the basic building block of society and civilized state.

The process of changing the internal content of a community requires a public debate on the issues involved. This is done through conferences, seminars, workshops, media and social media. This is part of the exercise of democracy as deliberative democracy, and this is what the Iraqi Society for Public Policy and Human Development is doing.



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