.Wednesday Night KTFA CC Notes 9-26-18 Part 1 of 2

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 .Wednesday Night KTFA CC Notes 9-26-18  Part 1 of 2  Empty .Wednesday Night KTFA CC Notes 9-26-18 Part 1 of 2

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Frank: Greetings Family! Welcome to another one of your Wednesday, Conference Calls with us. It’s good to be with you.

I say a prayer to our Heavenly Father, to protect us with our Conference Call tonight.
In the Name of our Savior’s in Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit, I pray to our Heavenly Father. Amen.

Dinar information begins at 43:24 minute mark


Wednesday Night KTFA CC 9-26-18

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About part 2… as I told you. As I promised you. From our last Monday Conference Call, that we would do that.

Family, do you remember? And by the way, it will be, uh, a short time. I won’t keep ya long. I promise. I think a lot of you liked that on Monday. We ended at 9:30. But it was kinda like a Right Cross, and a Left Upper Hook, and then a Knock-out Punch.

The Central Bank of Iraq, in my opinion, this whole Conference Call, that we’re about to go into, is in my opinion. While I was gone, [CBI] went to the BIS and said “Look. We have a date of when we want to lift the 3-zeros and add value to our currency.

And we want, you, BIS, to start accepting our payments. Uh, in. our. own. currency. by the way. Yeah, we’re getting rid of all foreign currency. We’re changing the uh, the auction. You know, with the CBI. All of the things the IMF required of us. All of the things the Fab-4 have been asking us to do and have been working with us to do. Yeah. So BIS, if you’re interested, we’d love to start paying you in our own currency.

Now, we know that, you never wanted it to be done before, because, well, there was no value to our currency, But we’ve all agreed to a date when we are going to lift the value. Hmm.

BIS in my opinion says “You got a deal. That’s great! That’s what we’ve been wanting. That’s what everybody’s been wanting. Um.. yeah. Let’s move forward with it now.

In my opinion family, do you remember when I told ya that um, the Lower Denoms with the SPECIMEN mark, were leaving the borders of Iraq? And then about 2 to 3 weeks later I told you, in my opinion, those SPECIMEN Lower Denominations, are being seen in the European Theater? Hmm.

In my opinion, that SPECIMEN is being used right now for uh, transactions. Hmm. In position for an increase in its rate? Well, it seems that way. It seems that way.

In my opinion, the BIS, last Tuesday, when I wasn’t here, made a move, which is not visible yet, against Iraq! Because they agreed. Yeah. Okay. So, go ahead and pay up. Kinda like the IRS.

The BIS now, with this new information, wants those payments. Because the BIS knows there’s a date, in my opinion. In my opinion, this is forcing them to meet the projected date itself, that they have given. If not? Like the IRS they can give out penalties (chuckling). They can be given sanctions that have already been removed. I certainly don’t think the CBI wants that.

I certainly don’t think they would make such a bold statement or move with the BIS if they weren’t going to follow through with lifting the 3 zeros. Hmm.

They say, very boldly, “Yep. We’re pulling the American Dollar out of the auctions.” Wow. That’s, that’s wonderful. And they’re not the only ones that are doing it.

China’s depegging. Indonesia Rupia depegged. Many Asian countries depegged. Iran depegged. But that’s good isn’t it? Because President Donald Trump told all these countries, “Get off my back. Get off my American back. And get your own assets to back-up your own currency.”

It seems to be working. It seems to be working. Because, there aren’t too many currencies out there right now, that can be used in a basket. Think about that. The Iraqi Dinar is being poised to be one-to-one with the American Dollar.

What will that do to their economy? Blow it up. Oh by the way, I believe the BIS is helping, right now, Iraq, with their Credit Rating. (chuckling) Maybe you’ll find out later in what way.

Walkingstick, last night, was on a rampage. He came into the Forum and he said, “I want to put these articles up.” I said “Yeah, I understand why.” (chuckling) Now if you stop and think about it, the last article that we came in here with on Monday, we said that there was some uh, a Gas Company, and Electrical Company, anybody remember those two? That were going to compete for billions of dollars of contracts? Yeah, the timing. They must know something like,  there is a date.

Quote: “Continue preparation for the reconstruction and the economic developments from it.” That’s nice.

This country is about to blow up and certainly not at no program rate. Because these companies, would not be doing this. In my opinion.

Quote: “We have project finances.” Of course you do. Of course you do. You’re going to have value to your currency.

Quote: “The Central Bank is going to receive SME initiative.” If you looked into it, it’s talking about 2 Trillion Dinars over here, 6 Trillion Dinars over there, uh, 5 Trillion Dinars for their economy, uh, for loans, uh, Sector Loans for housing loans for agriculture, industrial.. it just goes on and on, and on and on and on.  Not at no program rate. There must be a date.

Quote: “Welcome to Iraq’s finance of 2018” It’s almost as if that green light has been turned on. And the Monetary Reform has just stepped on the gas and is peeling rubber right now to go across that line.

Walkingstick brought these to you family for a reason. Yeah. For you to understand how the introduction of this money is coming in. The funding of it. And it’s not at no program rate, in my opinion.

Meanwhile the education to the citizens… It’s still going on. And we told you that it would be the “escort” remember. We called it the “escort” of articles. Or the “convoy” that leads us to number 2. It’s still going on.

In fact, um, Let me see. It looks like it’s on Page 1. yeah. It’s on page 1, Post number 7. You gotta looove iiiittt. From Don961

Thank you, by the way, Newshound Don!

Quote: “An economic expert calls on the Central Bank to take a quick step to reassure the streets after the Federal decisions.” (laughing) Can I give you my interpretation of how I would translate that? Quote: “Tell the citizens about Article 2 doggone it!!” Un-quote. (laughing)

What do you want to tell us about the Federal decisions? Well the Federal Reserve of the United States of America have lifted interest rates between 2 to 2.5%. So, what’s that got to do with us? You’re going to be pegged to us. Ohhhhh… Effect our economy? It’s a POWERFUL article. I mean it just flat out talks about the idea that.. You gotta tell the people what’s going on. We are.

Quote: “The Central Bank of Iraq must issue a statement URGENT that clarifies the steps that will follow the Monetary Policy in Iraq.” Why? Well because of the interest rate change and how it’s related to this decision. We’re going to be pegged at 1:1.

Monkey see. Monkey do. Ah.. Yeah. (chuckling) What do you want us to do? I just told you. Tell me again. Nah, I don’t want to. Make my day.

Quote: “The Central Bank of Iraq must issue a statement of urgent clarification..” Wait a minute. Of urgent clarification.. the steps that will follow… You want Article 2 out?? Yes. (laughing)

Hey Internet! I told you so!

Um, what time is it. Uh-oh. I’ve been talking to you about 15 minutes. I wanna tell you about another article. There’s a lot I want to tell you about. But, I want to tell you about another article that came out.

I think it was Don again that brought it out. Congratulations Don.

Quote: “Intelligence sources” Intelligence sources (laughing) Don’t exaggerate, but go ahead.

Quote: “Intelligence sources are saying that unknown parties, behind the crisis of Small Currency in the Central Bank, reveals the truth.” I know it does. (laughing) intelligence sources. You mean The Fab-4? Ah, yeah, okay. What did it say? You know these “unknown parties” they’re behind the crisis of small currency and the Central Bank reveals the truth. How are they going to reveal the truth? In something we call the Second Article. Oh… okay (laughing)

When you gonna do this? Ah, we intend to remove the crisis, because it’s only a temporary situation. This should be done within about 2 weeks. In two weeks!? (laughing) Yeah! (laughing) I almost calculated that one right.

Okay. And how you gonna end the crisis? Ah, well, the Central Bank intends to PUMP a large quantity of the small group. Small group? Yeah.. okay. Now you’re saying somethin’… What happened to small notes? Well, we just wanted to change it. Okay. (laughing) The small notes… Don’t laugh at me. I’m not laughing at you. Yes you are. Okay then, try to say it a different say. Okay.

Quote: “We are facing a big problem with small currencies.” But we… (laughing) Small notes. Small currencies. Small…. ahhh…. I’m sorry. Go ahead and finish. Okay.

Quote: “We are facing a big problem with small currencies, but, they are concentrated in the category of 500 dinars.”

So you’ve got an unknown party that is behind the crisis of these small currencies, and the Central Bank is going to FLOOD very soon, cut out large large amounts of what you already have out there and your going to start pumping in a small category in the market? Yes. And this will end the crisis. Yes. (laughing) And all the Mom & Pop shops and all the Car Salesmen, all the Haircut places, the Hooka places, when it comes time for them to give back change, they’re going to be able to do it with no problem, because this is the crisis isn’t it? Yes. Um-hum.. Okay.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Iraq sales of currencies sell 44 million dollars. Get outta here! Have you noticed family almost for the last, oh roughly, 10 days, the Currency Window, the Auction Window… have you noticed the numbers?

Most every day for about a week now, they’ve been crunched. From around a quarter of a Billion, to about 250, 240 Million. To the latest ones that just came out, what was it at about 122 million. Yeah. See the things that they tell you, it’s right in front of our faces.

Here! Let’s end this in the next 10 minutes, by me playing to you, a recording between me and Delta, that I just took about 10 minutes before we got on our call. Hang in there with me because I have to find a speaker that actually works here. I think I got one here. Yes. I do!


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