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BANNING THE USE 3 ZERO NOTES?  I “firmly” do NOT believe...they will stop taking these 3 zero notes (5,000, 10,000, 25,000 and 50,000) and will set a deadline for turning them in. This will NEVER occur since the CBI told these 3 zero notes will “coincide” with the smaller category notes for up to 10 years (or longer if needed). The goal of the CBI is simply to slowly let the economy drive the process and put the dependency on the use of smaller category notes and gradually introduce yet even smaller notes.  But I will tell you there will come a point when they will have to reinstate the currency to the international global currency exchanges and trade the currency. This is mainly what we wait for. This is when we go to the banks. When this happens the rate will rise and the CBI will be forced to launch the other even small category notes.  So what do you watch for next? ...I am watching for the launching of the 100 dinar note next.


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