The Council of Representatives is elected today as President of the Republic

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The Council of Representatives is elected today as President of the Republic

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:31 am

Release date: 2018/10/1 9:47

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives is holding an evening session on Monday to elect a new president for the next four years, amid unprecedented differences between the Kurdish blocs, as the deputies will have to choose between seven Kurdish candidates out of 24 candidates of different nationalities.

There is a big disagreement over the name of the candidate who will be elected, where the Kurdish blocs did not agree for the first time in 15 years - one candidate, and the political blocs in Baghdad has not yet decided on the issue of voting on any of the seven candidates.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan nominated Barham Saleh for the Presidency of the Republic, and believes that the position of his share according to the established norms and rules in previous times, while pushing the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Fouad Hussein, a rival candidate, where he believes it is time to change this equation, causing a sharp difference between the two Kurdish parties Key players in the Kurdistan region.

The repercussions of the referendum on the secession of the region from Iraq, led by the party led by Massoud Barzani, a year ago, which led to serious consequences for the region, and the state of division known by the National Union since the death of late leader Jalal Talabani in 2017 and the weakness of opposition parties; factors led to fragmentation of the situation Kurdish and disagreement on one candidate.

The failure to resolve the Kurds and agree on a unified candidate, that Baghdad has become the final say in naming the President of the Republic, and also means more weakness and dispersal of the Kurdish voice between the two blocs of rival, seeking to win and form the largest parliamentary bloc.

The legal expert Tariq Harb ruled out the election of the President of the Republic in the first round.

"It will not be possible to win in the first round of parliamentary elections and voting because it is difficult for any candidate to get the votes of 220 deputies, or two-thirds of the votes of the 329 votes," he said in a statement received by the Euphrates News.

"The second round of voting and the parliamentary election between the top two candidates, the two who received the highest votes, are contested between them and is considered a winner and the president of the republic who won the majority of the votes and the lowest votes is considered a loser."

He explained war, "In the second round does not require a majority and a specific majority does not require the majority of the constitutional majority, but the majority of the majority of the votes if we assume that the number of deputies present 165 deputies, ie, the number to achieve the quorum and we imposed that one hundred of the present members abstained from voting, To 33 votes enough to declare the president of the Republic of those who got this number because the other candidate can not get this number of votes, but gets less than that number. "

It is scheduled to hold the House of Representatives this evening at 8 pm the session of the election of the President of the Republic.

He called the House of Representatives candidates for the position who met the legal requirements to attend the meeting, namely:
1 - Sardar Abdullah Mahmoud Times
2 - Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid
3 - Omar Ahmed Karim Barzanji
4 - Sarwa Abdel Wahid Kader Ibrahim
5 - Abdul Karim Ali Abtan Jubouri
6 - Barham Ahmed Saleh Qassem
7 - Fouad Mohammed Hussein Bakki
8. Nawar Saad Mahmoud Hussein Al-Mulla
9-Salim Hamza Saleh Khader
10 - Jabbar Shati Abdul Hassan al-Tamimi
11. Kamal Aziz Qaitouli
12-Munther Munem Saad Jabr Al-Bawi
13-Monkaz Abdul Latif Mustafa Al-Saffar
14-Mohammed Saleh Hama Faraj dry
15-Radi Saeed Badr Salman Al-Faily
16-Faisal Mohsen Abboud Al-Kalabi
17 - Emad Kamal Said Mouloud
18-Ahmed Moahan Omran Shebin
19 - the role of Abdul Merhej Mard
20. Abbas Mohammad Nouri Beyatoglu
21-Thaer Ghanim Mohammed Ali Al-Thabet
22-Ayoub Derbas Moussa
23 - Rahim Abujri Moin Saadi
24. Riyad Mohammed Mezher Khalaf Al-Wazzani.

The position of the President of the Republic is symbolic of the State and represents the executive branch with the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers.

In the Iraqi Constitution in force, the mandate of the President of the Republic was set four years and may be re-elected President for the next session only, and the powers of the President of the Republic set by the Constitution in Article 71, most notably:

- The amnesty of a recommendation by the Prime Minister and the ratification of international treaties and conventions after the approval of the Chamber of Deputies. The Convention shall be ratified by it fifteen days after the date of its receipt.

- Accepting and approving ambassadors, issuing republican decrees, and ratifying death sentences issued by the judiciary.

- The President of the Republic assigns the candidate of the most numerous parliamentary bloc to form the Council of Ministers within 15 days from the date of the first session of the Council of Representatives. In the event of failure of the Prime Minister in charge of forming the ministry during the said period, the President will nominate a new candidate and appoint another candidate.

- The President of the Republic shall serve as Prime Minister when the office is vacant for any reason whatsoever.

The President of the Republic and the Council of Ministers together shall propose the amendment of the Constitution in accordance with article 123 of the Constitution.

- The President of the Republic may invite the Council of Representatives to convene in extraordinary session and the meeting shall be limited to the subjects that the invitation was called for.

- Submit draft law proposals to the House of Representatives.

- The President of the Republic may submit a request to the House of Representatives to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.

- The President of the Republic is the head of state and the symbol of the unity of the country and representative of the sovereignty of the country, and is keen to ensure adherence to the Constitution, and maintain the independence of Iraq and sovereignty and unity and territorial integrity in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.


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Re: The Council of Representatives is elected today as President of the Republic

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:22 am

Tamimi is likely to dissolve the post of President of the Republic in the parliament by voting in two rounds

Baghdad / .. Liked legal expert Ali al-Tamimi, on Monday, the resolution of the post of President of the Republic in parliament through the vote in two rounds.

"The election of the president of the republic will be by a vote of the parliament on the candidates, who in the first round will receive two-thirds of the votes of the deputies in full, ie 220 deputies who will be the president," Tamimi told Iraq News.

"If none of the candidates get this high percentage, we will have a second round at the same meeting where the competition between the first and second candidates, which gets the highest percentage or any number is the president even if he got 20 votes."

He pointed out that "the subject will be decided today between Barham Saleh and Fuad Hussein in the second round." is over


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