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The banks are now brokering the dinar (buying and selling) it just as the online internet brokers are that you may have ordered it from. Why not since there is lots of money to be made and the banks deal with currencies and like to make money...They are NOT trading the dinar...There is a difference between selling and buying as a broker from trading it. If the banks were trading the dinar it would be sold on the currency exchanges too. It is NOT. The banks can not legally trade the dinar until it is reinstated as a global currency...So for a short period during the ISIS war in Iraq, they US treasury asked that they banks do not sell or buy this currency since they were afraid it could be used to fund terrorism once again. We even witnessed in late 2015 that the CBI wanted to reinstate the dinar but again it was denied due to the ongoing war with ISIS. They told us it would happen in “EARLY 2017” but again the war was not yet over until LATE 2017. Then in 2018, came the election saga and here we stand still waiting.


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