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[via Clare]   "Prepared"  - we Know it will happen...don't worry about when, it, IS happening...FAB 4, CBI ...ARE ready...looking for suitable Environment...POTUS will "Clean the Floor"...wants Iranian influence gone.  1). Teams strongly feel GOI should be seated...USA is "preparing" Iraq to seat its Gov.   2). In postion & "prepared" are the specimen sheets that the CBI sent to all the Central Banks around the world "prepared" for  authenticity...Whales & Sharks, already using for trade, investing in Iraq & Contracts.   Banks "prepared" ...ready for future customers...in position for rate change...Right Now!  The RI of IQD has a date...POTUS has enough time, before the date, to deal with Iran...   3).   ...so far Iraq spent 160 million to print currency... Teams are waiting for something this month...IMO.


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