Deputy: Political blocs will nominate 5 candidates for each ministry

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Deputy: Political blocs will nominate 5 candidates for each ministry Empty Deputy: Political blocs will nominate 5 candidates for each ministry

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BAGHDAD / The deputy of the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction, Ali al-Badiri, on Wednesday, the conditions provided by the political forces to Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi, indicating that Abdul Mahdi agreed to all these conditions.

Al-Badairi said in a press interview today: "The political agreement signed by the political forces a few days ago is the terms of the administration of the government by the new Prime Minister and handed over these conditions to the Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and the fulfillment of these conditions is to determine Abdul Mahdi specifications to be provided in The characters need to fill his Cabinet and submit these conditions to the political blocs and these blocks to provide five names for each ministry and know their expertise and efficiency and if not meet the requirements to ask other names to choose the personality that corresponds to his conditions and is responsible for the responsibility if this person failed Performance of its functions.

" He added that "Among the conditions imposed on Abdul Mahdi, is the provisions of a specific period of time and during this period must be completed the first tasks that were placed on the ladder of the government program and services and the rest of the demands of the people that demonstrated for the citizens, in addition to being independent and does not constitute A political party during his duties in the administration of the state. "

"Adel Abdul-Mahdi expressed his agreement to all these conditions, including the condition of his resignation if he does not complete the tasks entrusted to him within the specified period of time."


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