.KTFA Wednesday Night CC Notes and more 10-3-18

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.KTFA Wednesday Night CC Notes and more 10-3-18

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Thank you Manaolana3

Manaolana3:  Thank you Frank and Tink for our CC today.(Wednesday)

Here's a synopsis of the last part of our CC:

Announcement made Mahdi as next PM; question whether his acceptance is constitutional; BUT it's not over yet (announcement took Frank and Teams by surprise)

USA supports Mahdi and is being congratulated by many including ME countries, Amb Silliman, State Dept Rep McGurk,and others

USA gave list of technocrats to Mahdi; will rid of Iranian influence in Iraq, but most important seating of the government of Iraq

Mahdi is recognized by all parties due to his history, whereas, Abadi is not

Mahdi is a bridge, a conduit to the GOI, but is not from the large bloc; may have issues, and if there is opposition, may walk

Madhi has the support of Sistani; supports Sistani's plans/reforms, is a settlement candidate
Mahdi is loved by the citizens and everyone in Iraq

Not committed to any political bloc

supports economic and monetary reforms, HCL for citizens, give citizens more purchasing power

wrote many report including his opposition to the auctions

Mahdi has 30 days to form his government

Mahdi supports the lifting of the 3 o's and will bust-open the reforms

Mahdi as PM will enhance security and stability and a suitable environment to allow all all economic and monetary reforms to continue

PM Abadi is still in charge of the government until Mahdi puts together his government in 30 days

Per Delta's report today, CBI who is an independent agency will continue to move forward with the monetary reforms including the lifting of the 3 o's etc. currently reported all over the TC and news media

Per Frank, let the dust settle. The most important thing to remember is to seat the government, not who is the PM.

Respectfully submitted,   Mana'olana


Wednesday Night CC 10-3-18

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Iobey777:  Mana'Olana! Great short analysis! Here's what I see happening going forth...all strictly IMO..I'm thinking that Mahdi has been "assigned" to come in and "sit the GOI ASAP! This will then open the door for the CBI to release the RI/RV! Once that has taken place..then..IF there are any problems with ANY of the blocs who may be bickering about his post..he may at that time step down and allow Abadi to step up and come back into position! (I'm thinking he may be assigned a VP position by Mahdi) in preparation for this to be the final outcome! These are just my thoughts coming off of what has been given to us tonight through Frank's CC and comments. Delta says the CBI is ready and so does Walkingstick, IMO! I'm still very hopeful that we will see the RI/RV take place before the end of this month! God bless!! Oh yeah..and what do I know!!!

Daytrader:  As information, the Constitution defines the process required should the PM position become vacant;

Article 81:

First: The President of the Republic shall take up the office of the Prime Minister
in the event the post becomes vacant for any reason whatsoever.

Second: If the event mentioned in “First” of this Article occurs, the President shall
charge another nominee to form the Council of Ministers within a period not to
exceed fifteen days in accordance with the provisions of Article 76 of this

Walkingstick:  Newspaper reveals the political forces that did not accept the "Abdul Mahdi" prime minister?!?!

A Gulf newspaper reported Wednesday that the appointment of Adel Abdul Mahdi to form a government was not accepted by Shiite political forces, noting .that those forces remained silent and non-objection.

The newspaper quoted a political source familiar with saying that 'the assignment of Adel Abdul Mahdi to form a new government has not been accepted by some of the Shiite political forces', indicating that' the objectors were forced to silence and non-objection, because of the support received by the charge to form the government by most parties.

The source expected, 'to face the issue of forming a government many difficulties, because Adel Abdul Mahdi does not have a large parliamentary bloc could be supportive of him in the negotiations to agree on the new cabinet reshuffle, which will be arduous,' according to the same source.


Walkingstick:  Member of Wisdom: Agreement on Abdul Mahdi will contribute to forming the government in less than a month


Walkingstick:   ftti ... Again, let the dust settle ...  Mahdi , made... specific demands prior to accepting the PM designate.. First and foremost, no interference in the selection of his cabinet... 

As for Maliki, unknown but unlikely ... Their relationship has always been, tense at best... Keep in mind, Mahdi resigned in 2011... for, what he called.. a "dysfunctional government" under Maliki... Fearing, blame for being part of a failed government should the Iraqis choose to oust the government at that time...

Samson:  Deputy: Agreement to grant Abdul Mahdi full freedom to choose ministers

2018/10/3 21:50

MP on the coalition of reform and reconstruction, Ghayeb al-Amiri, on Wednesday, to give Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi full freedom to choose his cabinet cabinet.
Al-Amiri told «Euphrates News» that «what happened yesterday victory for the will of the Iraqi people to elect the President of the Republic Barham Saleh and the appointment of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, 'pointing out that« the mechanism was specific to give the full freedom of Abdul-Mahdi cabinet selection cabinet and success lies in the selection of ministers of technocrats And professionals without pressure." 

"There was guidance to some political blocs not to elect the President of the Republic, but they did the opposite and proved their patriotism to the people and today's demonstration of the circulation of power historical event did not happen previously, a positive point and reflect on the good in the next."

"There is no magic wand for Abdul Mahdi, but according to the data he has a good environment for his success, including the support of the reference," he said, adding that "the strength of Abdul Mahdi in his first start to be firm and courageous and strong and there will be many pressures, Supreme religious and victory over the preacher. " He concluded that "the elimination of corruption and the formation of ministerial cabins parallel lines, the selection of the most efficient will be his tool to succeed and eliminate corruption."   LINK


Walkingstick:  Source: Abdul Mahdi told the political blocs that the ministers of the next government will be technocrats and not "partisan"


Frank26:   COPY ................ DUST STORM .............. SETTLING .......................

Samson:  Washington's policy hopes that "Iran will not control" the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi

 4th October, 2018

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he hoped the new Iraqi government would be interested in the country's national unity and the future of its people, "not controlled by Iran
This came in remarks made by Pompeo at a news conference, at the headquarters of the US State Department in Washington, on the recent presidential election and the process of forming a government in Iraq

"I hope that an Iraqi government will consider national unity and the future of the Iraqi people and not be controlled by Iran," Pompeo said     LINK


Samson:  Tariq Harb: The current government, continues with full powers and does not consider the caretaker government

 4th October, 2018

The legal expert Tariq Harb that the current government headed by Haider Abadi, continues with full powers and does not consider the caretaker government, despite the appointment of Adel Abdul Mahdi, by President Barham Saleh. 

"The current government, constitutionally and legally does not consider the caretaker government, but a reality that should  avoid signing treaties, contracts and important documents, considering that there is a president charged with forming the government," adding that "the current government to wait in many cases and left to the next government "He said.  

He pointed out that "the task of the government of Abadi will end when the House of Representatives votes on the ministerial platform and cabinet cabinet, which will be formed by Adel Abdul Mahdi."    LINK

Popeye7:   Interesting article.. HMMM... Full powers, and not caretaker for Abadi's government according to Mr. Harb...


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