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[via Manaolana3]  Synopsis:   Announcement made Mahdi as next PM; question whether his acceptance is constitutional; BUT it's not over yet (announcement took Frank and Teams by surprise).  USA supports Mahdi and is being congratulated by many including ME countries, Amb Silliman, State Dept Rep McGurk,and others.  USA gave list of technocrats to Mahdi; will rid of Iranian influence in Iraq, but most important seating of the government of Iraq.  Mahdi is recognized by all parties due to his history, whereas, Abadi is not.  Mahdi is a bridge, a conduit to the GOI, but is not from the large bloc; may have issues, and if there is opposition, may walk.  Madhi has the support of Sistani; supports Sistani's plans/reforms, is a settlement candidate...  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]


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