Newspaper: five ministries of Sunni forces and the nomination of two names for the defense and three for justice

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Newspaper: five ministries of Sunni forces and the nomination of two names for the defense and three for justice

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Five ministries will be awarded to Sunni Arab forces, a newspaper said on Monday, confirming that two names have been nominated for the Ministry of Defense and three for the Justice Ministry.

The newspaper quoted a senior official as saying that "political parties continue their discussions and internal discussions, in order to put the names of candidates for the new ministerial positions, to be presented to the Prime Minister-designate Adel Abdul-Mahdi, where he will choose from five candidates one person to fill a ministerial portfolio," indicating that "Although all the blocs agreed to give Abdul-Mahdi authority and freedom in the selection of ministers, but are busy, at the same time, to arrange their ranks to extract non-expendable names, in a gesture that the parties as an assistant to Abdul Mahdi in the selection of the best for sovereign ministries and services.

He added that "the first indicators of corruption in the new government started from the Sunni Arab forces, which will be assigned initially five ministries, in addition to the post of Deputy Prime Minister," noting that "there are pledges made by candidates for this portfolio or that when they win, The same as the arrival of the secretariat with large sums of money to ensure that does not shirk its commitments. "

For his part, a parliamentary speaker familiar with the negotiations to form a government, "Sunni parties have so far reached two names from outside the parliament to put them on the Prime Minister designate to form a government, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to choose one of them for the post of Minister of Defense, while three candidates were put for the post of Minister of Justice "He said.

The newspaper said the Gulf, earlier, the political blocs are pressing the Prime Minister-designate to form a government Adel Abdul Mahdi to impose its ministers, noting that some blocs hopes to form a government of independent technocrats.ط£ط±ط¨ط¹ط©️-ظ‚طھظ„ظ‰-ظˆ12-ط¬ط±ظٹط­ط§-ظپظٹ-ط­ط


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