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.KTFA Members "News and Views" Sunday AM 10-28-18

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Samson:  Iraq Stock Exchange leave Tuesday

 28th October, 2018

Iraqi Stock Exchange decided to suspend its work on Tuesday, October 30.

The Stock Exchange said in a statement, on Sunday, that this is based on the decision of the Secretariat of the Iraqi Council of Ministers on Tuesday as a holiday on the occasion of the commemoration of the 40th Imam Hussein.

The exchange will resume trading on Wednesday, October 31, the bourse added.

The Iraqi Stock Exchange suspended its work on Thursday, September 20,  on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein.

The general index of the Iraqi Stock Exchange on Thursday , up 0.36%, at 499.99 points, winning 1.78 points.   LINK


Don961:  From 2 weeks ago ... video in link ... 

Video: delete the zeros is still exist and the mass of cash is 44 trillion dinars
Friday, October 12,

Again, talk about the project to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency, to end the inflation in the amount of cash mass in the market, a project that has been stalled for years, but the central bank says it still exists.

Director of the issuance and cabinets Agency Abdul Karim Hassan Shanza Alsumaria News The delay of the project to the control of the organization calling on a number of provinces during the year and fourteen, the year that was scheduled to be the process of deleting zeros in it.  

The project does not depend on the process of deleting zeros only, but a complete structure of the Iraqi currency, which will also include the development of large currencies and also coins for the dinar, especially since Iraq has not used previously and currently technological methods of payment and thus the small categories of currency are perishable to use Widely.
In the markets are currently dealing with a large monetary block, says the official at the Central Bank it is forty four trillion dinars, which is seen by specialists big inflation of the currency offered in the market, compared to the actual value compared to its cash

This step, if implemented, will contribute to strengthening one of the pillars of the Iraqi economy, from the monetary side, as confirmed by specialists. 

You can view the report on the video above.     link
Iobey777:  WOW!!! More confirmation!!! IMO..it won't be long now!!


HoosierGirl:  The "last chance" OR the 1st really big chance for a prosperous  Iraq??? (wink)

Don961:  Adel Abdul Mahdi and the last chance for a prosperous Iraq

- 6 Hours Ago
When Barham Saleh was elected President of the Republic on October 2, 2018, he even commissioned the Shiite politician, Adel Abdul Mahdi, to form a new Iraqi government, replacing the outgoing Prime Minister Haidar Abadi, who led Iraq over the past four years,

The war on the organization of the preacher terrorist. On 24 of this month, the Iraqi Council of Representatives voted on 14 of the 22 ministries nominated by Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. After the Council's vote on more than half the cabinet cabin, Adel Abdul Mahdi was sworn in as Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces .

Adel Abdul Mahdi is one of the founding leaders of the "Iraq after 2003", seen as a long-standing figure in Iraqi politics, as an independent figure capable of keeping the middle of the relationship between the internal and external parties strongly present on the Iraqi political scene. Is not an emergency on Iraqi politics. He is the owner of prayers and tours made his name on every entitlement in Iraq, as a compromise candidate is acceptable to all parties. Therefore, this "old" in his hands, much more than he can take on the task entrusted to him.

It is acceptable to Tehran as well as to Washington, a necessary consensus in a country that has long found itself in the midst of tension between these two bitter enemies, Baghdad's allies. Abdul Mahdi is also credited with maintaining good relations with Kurdish leaders, a major advantage of normalization of relations with the region. Iraq's self-governing Kurdistan, and held a failed referendum on independence from Baghdad a year ago.

Months before his appointment to form the next Iraqi government, Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi wrote an article in the newspaper «Justice», which oversees the presentation of his views and views of how to build the state, an article bearing an interesting title, «Thank you conditions are not available». He pointed out the real danger to any economic and political reform in Iraq, and may note many of the skill of the man in his understanding of these problems and ability to diagnose them in real terms, these points began to diagnose the problem of rents of the Iraqi economy and what constitutes a barrier to the rest of the sectors of production,

The political forces of the economic reform approach to the habit of the state mentality of rent as described, and address the issue of separation of powers and the establishment of constitutional institutions, and the problem of administrative corruption, and support the formations of military support, also referred to international relations based on logic, SAS dependency.

The task of Abdul Mahdi, no doubt, difficult, but has been described in political circles and elites as a last chance for Iraq, especially that the events of Basra may be repeated in more than one place in Iraq and perhaps overthrow the entire political system. In this context, observers believe that Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi received the presidency of the Council of Ministers with a heavy legacy as a result of the war on (da'ash), and randomness that accompanied the past period, with scarce resources and the ceiling of high and high expectations, and it is not easy to achieve high success rates.

 "What needs to be done is to calm the anger and anger of the street, and to provide an energized dose of hope, by providing jobs from the private sector, by offering temptations and exemptions within the available limits," Dabbagh said. The state is no longer able to absorb the huge numbers of unemployment and the mass of new graduates. " "It requires a minimum of services, and improved through a new vision that does not rely on a mechanism that has not been successful."

They pointed out that Adel Abdul Mahdi will focus on defusing internal and regional political tension; that he is a man of dialogue and not a personality clash. And will manage what can be resolved from hot files, and manages what is different in a different way, which creates trust between partners and discards doubts. At the regional level, he needs a calm approach to crises in the region and strained relations with some countries, such as Turkey. And that the Prime Minister-designate needs to develop this harmony between the three presidencies, each of its position, without prejudice to the role of each of them.

Abdul Mahdi is expected to benefit from the challenges he faces from long political experience, from good relations with most of Iraq's political components, from being a man of compromise, not from a man of confrontation.

This puts him outside the local, regional and international polarization. In addition to having good relations with the most Sunni political forces, Abdul-Mahdi links historical relations with Kurdish politicians; which may contribute to improving the relationship between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region, which was marked by tension during the periods of Maliki and Abadi, Baghdad alone does not bear - certainly - its responsibility, After the referendum crisis in the independence of Kurdistan, and the subsequent repercussions, such as the redeployment of the Iraqi army in Kirkuk and the disputed areas (September - October 2017).

At the regional level, Adel Abdul Mahdi is a consensual person, as is the case at the domestic level. It was no accident that his name was re-presented to the premiership. He had already been put forward during the crisis of 2010, after the victory of the Iraqi List, led by Allawi, in the first place, but Maliki took over as prime minister. However, pushed by Iran, which pushed for a broader coalition, .

 In the context of fierce regional rivalries and conflicts in the region, it is not known that a specific regional party opposes it; it is not calculated on the Iranian line, and at the same time does not pursue policies opposed to Iran. He is also acceptable to the US, though not the US candidate for prime minister. In 2004, he ran the Iraq file at the Paris Club to reschedule his debts; which means that perhaps he would be the best choice for prime minister at this stage, which is expected to see an upsurge in debt. The US-Iranian conflict, especially in Iraq.

Observers see the Iraqi issue is facing serious challenges such as economic reform, reconstruction and improvement of services. He has come to face it not because of the power he derives from the authority he will assume, the support he receives from an influential neighbor or a "patronizing" superpower, but for a sense of historic opportunity for change, because all his rivals have exhausted their strengths in fighting each other. Everyone needs to rearrange the situation of Iraq and return it to a "natural" situation in which life can resume, or at least delay the resolution of local, regional and international conflicts indefinitely. And for that 

Adel Abdel Mahdi will need experienced advisors in political affairs, international relations, culture, economics, finance and services to make the change. But the most important thing to know is that the Iraqi street with him, as was the case with Haider Abadi in 2015, that he should not accept less than an effective government to restore things to normal, and stop corruption and the provision of basic services and security and jobs and restore Iraq's stability. Adel Abdul Mahdi is the last chance for a prosperous Iraq.

Iraqi Studies Unit
Link Center for Research and Strategic Studies     link

Samson:   Cabinet approves draft budget for 2019

 28th October, 2018

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced on Sunday the approval of the Council on the draft federal budget law of the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2019

A statement of the secretariat received "Economy News" a copy of it, "The Council of Ministers approved the draft federal budget for the Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2019, indicating that" was referred to the House of Representatives

The statement added that "the assignment was made on the basis of the provisions of articles (61 / item first and 80 / item II) of the Iraqi Constitution    LINK

Sawco:   I guess Maliki is trying to "keep his immunity"...……………………..

Samson:  Maliki and Nujaifi refuse to leave their positions .. And differences within the Turkmen component to the Vice President

 28th October, 2018

Revealed a political source familiar with the Sunday, a dispute within the components of Sunni and Turkmen about the second and third Vice-President Barham Saleh. At a time when Nuri al-Maliki and Osama al-Nujaifi stick to their posts as vice presidents. 

The source said the political, "The President of the Republic is waiting for consensus blocs on the post of Vice-President, although according to the Constitution of his powers."  He added that "as long as the vice presidents distribute components, the President of the Republic is waiting for nominations of blocks for this site taking into consideration this time there is a tendency to grant the second or third deputy to the Turkmen as the third nationality and not limited to Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds."

The source continued, "The decision of the Federal Court, which canceled at the time the decisions of former Prime Minister Haider Abadi is a strong support for the blocks that adhere to this site, which has a constitutional basis, despite the talk about the rejection of the reference to Najaf to multiple positions for multi-positions and is without powers as a waste of money General ".  He pointed out that "there is a dispute over the assumption of Nuri al-Maliki, the leader of the coalition of state law and the former vice president of the Republic take over this position for this session." 

For his part, revealed a Sunni leader for "sharp differences within the component on who holds this position in the event it was agreed to choose a second or third vice president of the Republic," noting that "both Saleh al-Mutlaq and Khamis Khanjar and Osama Najafi and Jamal Karbouli are competing for the post." But Atheel Nujaifi leader of the United Party denied that his brother Osama Nujaifi candidate or rival, told the "Middle East", his brother "decided to keep his seat as a deputy to the parliament and will address the position of political files and others." 

Turkoman, on the part of the deputy head of the Turkmen Front, Hassan Turan, a member of the Iraqi parliament, according to the newspaper, "they are now working to give them the post of vice-president as a national benefit as we are the third nationality in Iraq after the Arabs and Kurds," noting that "the President of the Republic Barham Saleh and political leaders in the country support this idea, especially since the Turkmen did not get a ministry in the current government which is not true in all cases. 

"There is a tendency among some Shiite leaders to grant the post of deputy president to a Turkoman-Shiite figure, which implies a silent conflict between the Turkmen and the Turkmen, which means that another Turkmen figure, Irshad Salhi, head of the Turkmen Front, Becomes Vice-President of the Republic to give Salhi ministerial position in the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi.     LINK


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