Al-Azhar: Threats threaten the rise of the Iraqi economy in the current circumstances!

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 Al-Azhar: Threats threaten the rise of the Iraqi economy in the current circumstances! Empty Al-Azhar: Threats threaten the rise of the Iraqi economy in the current circumstances!

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Dr . Abdul Ali Awad
In parallel with the political impotence witnessed by Iraq in the present circumstances, the cries of some beneficiaries of rampant corruption are rising, demanding the establishment of free trade zones. It is therefore essential for Iraqis to know the reality of these areas.
Free zones mean a specific geographical area that has its own legal status compared to the rest of the territory of the state. The main objective behind the establishment of these areas is to develop solutions for socio-economic development of the State in general and some regions and sectors.
The terms [free economic zones] and [special economic zones] are traded in economic publications, and it is clear that their sole objective is to expand the area of ​​external penetration to create markets for the disposal of their industrial and agricultural products.
The economic zones are classified according to their economic activity:
** Free trade zones - represent one of the degrees of integration and the essence of:
- Provide a system of tax exemption for goods belonging to the signatory countries of the conventions related to those regions.
- Provide for the exemption of goods and the freedom of movement of goods throughout the territory of countries based on the agreements concluded between them.
The concept of [free trade zones] is in the category of economic zones - which means:
= Activity on the basis of decisions within a single country (sometimes in cases of border transfer zones).
= Activity for all countries committed to standards and their implementation.
= Enabling activity not only in the field of business relations.
= Other benefits are often provided in addition to the physical benefits.
The objectives of the Special Economic Zones (MEC) from the point of view of the State:
Attracting foreign capital and advanced technology to produce goods and services.
* Creating new jobs for those with high qualifications.
* Developing the export base.
* Replace the export with the import shop.
* Appreciation of new methods of management and organization of work.
Objectives of the establishment of free zones from the point of view of investors:
* Proximity of production from consumers.
* Reduce costs through the absence of customs tariffs for import and export.
* Access to the underwater structure.
* Using the cheapest labor force.
Developing and developing the free zone area.
Private economic zones (MECs) can be classified by type of economic activity, degree of regulation, degree of integration with the national economy, nationality principle, and benefits and facilities provision systems.
Commercial area:
Is an area outside the territory of the State under customs. Inside the area, goods are stored and prepared before sale (packaging, labeling, quality control, etc.). These activities are rapidly recovering. The basic free zones are:
1- Free ports.
2 - Free Cities.
3. Free customs zones.
4 - Duty free shops.
Industrial Production Area:
Are part of the national customs territory, within which certain industrial products are produced, in which various facilities and benefits are offered to investors. The basic types are:
1 - One industrial zone.
2 - The area of ​​one industrial enterprise.
3 - Export area of ​​production.
4 - industrial complex.
It is clear from the above that the establishment of free economic zones is in the interest of the national economy after the completion of the process of building a strong national economic base, so that these areas can be used to market national products abroad, and not dumping the Iraqi market with foreign products. In the present circumstances, the demands for free trade zones with Iran and Jordan are rising ... We do not know how the law of protecting national product under current circumstances can be realized and implemented with such free zones ... What will Iraq do to Iran and Jordan? .. These areas serve the parasitic traders who closed all the doors of advancement to create a prosperous national economy.


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