Minister of Trade: Security is available and now the entry of Arab and foreign investors to Iraq

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Minister of Trade: Security is available and now the entry of Arab and foreign investors to Iraq Empty Minister of Trade: Security is available and now the entry of Arab and foreign investors to Iraq

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Iraq will hold an extraordinary meeting of the Economic and Social Council on Thursday at the ministerial level to prepare and prepare for the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit at its fourth session to be held in the Lebanese Republic on January 20, 2019 under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammad Hashim Al Ani, General of the League of Arab States to the Arab delegations, that we are required today to give priority to Arab economic relations in the aspects of investment and trade in a manner that leads to increase the level of exchange Trade and economic interdependence among Arab countries.

The minister added that our current meeting and the agenda items include important economic and social aspects, including the Arab Charter for the Development of the SME Sector, which is considered one of the most important sources of development.

The minister pointed out that the most important items for the curriculum of work in the family in the Arab region in the framework of the implementation of sustainable development 2030 and the work of children in the Arab region, where the international figures indicate the expansion of child labor in Arab countries, although most of these countries put legal legislation to address this phenomenon .

The Minister pointed out that Iraq's role in the presidency of the meeting and your participation comes at a time when the conditions of security and stability in our dear country have helped start a new start and a clear vision and we have a common responsibility to achieve success, which leads us to intensify efforts through balanced relations with the Arab countries, Thus contributing to accelerating the efforts of construction and reconstruction and the consolidation of economic, social and development relations.

He concluded by saying that the Iraqi government has placed importance on investment and the role of the advancement of the Iraqi economy and its impact on the productive capacity of the country in its quest to create an investment climate that responds to the requirements of Arab and foreign investors and pay attention to the private sector and give him a leading role in the Iraqi economy. The special session of the Economic and Social Council at the ministerial level was chaired by the Director General of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Mr. Adel Khudair Masoudi.


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