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Samir Nusairi

(16) of the total cash credit granted and the decline in the prices of shares traded in the Iraqi market for securities by (80%) of the total cash credit granted and the decline in the prices of shares traded in the Iraqi market for securities by 80% ) And the low liquidity of some banks to the minimum limits set by the Central Bank and the decrease of revenues realized and deposits and shortcomings in the legislative environment that regulates the economic process and laws and tax and customs instructions, which requires the completion of their plans for 2019 in light of analysis of the results of its work and In accordance with the strategic objectives of the Central Bank and subsidiary and to reach policies and procedures in accordance with their actual needs in the sustainability of the provision of new banking products that promote the re-confidence in the banking sector and to be prepared in coordination with the specialized departments of the Central Bank to hold working meetings and diagnostic and analytical discussions organized by the control In cooperation with the Association of Banks and the development of policies and procedures to meet the major challenges facing the banks and focus on the re-review and evaluation and modification of policies and procedures and development towards the establishment and under the supervision of the bank As well as its plans to attract deposits, grant credit and banking facilities, increase financial coverage, and turn to real banking and expand the provision of modern electronic systems, programs and technologies.


The completion of the banks for their plans for 2019 requires them to take rapid and programmed steps in 2019 in accordance with the objectives of the strategy of the Central Bank planned for the year mentioned is the transition of the Iraqi banking sector to a solid and sophisticated economic sector and complying with the rules and standards of international compliance and combating money laundering and financial reporting and risk management and thus transition from the role Banking to the developmental role.


In light of the letter of the Governor addressed to the banks on 30 July 2017 and the realization of what is mentioned in the governmental curriculum of the new government in the axis of strengthening the economy and private sector to develop and develop the banking sector and restore confidence in transactions with him and contribute to the revitalization of the economic cycle by activating and supporting the financing of small and medium projects and large development projects, A solid national economy and sustainable development that ultimately serves the Iraqi people and their aspirations for a better life.

This requires that each bank should have a specific plan for 2019 in the areas of technical development and work in accordance with international standards to achieve financial inclusion, attract deposits, build capacity, train and rehabilitate human resources, achieve the objective of investing in human capital and develop the structure of the banking sector, Applying financial stability criteria such as capital adequacy ratio, liquidity ratio, profit rate, profit ratio, net profit to capital ratio, return on assets ratio, return on equity ratio, cost of activity ratio, Financial lever and employment rate of money in addition to the adoption of measuring the efficiency of performance and the development of units for statistics, studies and financial analysis to mark monthly, quarterly and annual deviations in the plans drawn indicators.



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