"Kurdish Plan" on the budget of 2019

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"Kurdish Plan" on the budget of 2019 Empty "Kurdish Plan" on the budget of 2019

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:10 am

The second deputy speaker of the House of Representatives Bashir Haddad; on Tuesday; the parliament will be the second reading of the draft budget bill for 2019 next week, pointing to "work to separate the salaries of employees from the budget."

He said iron; in a press statement; "The House of Representatives will begin its meeting on 8 January this; to conduct the second reading on the draft financial budget for the year 2019 and the completion of the government cab."

He pointed out that "the first functions of the Kurdish deputies and in coordination with the Federal Ministry of Finance, is to increase the financial dues of the Kurdistan region, but not a condition that all our demands for the implementation of political and legal exclusion."

"We have worked to stabilize the demands of the Kurds within the federal budget, and no one has the right to ignore our efforts," Haddad said, adding that "we may not be able to resolve a paragraph in favor of the region, but in another paragraph, we can enrich the draft budget."

He pointed out that "the salaries of regional employees a constitutional entitlement required by the federal government to spend it monthly in case of agreement on the budget or not," noting that "work is continuing to separate employees' salaries from the financial budget."

The House of Representatives; finished on 20 December last; the first reading of the budget bill.



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