Minister of Commerce declares war on "corruption" within his ministry

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Minister of Commerce declares war on "corruption" within his ministry Empty Minister of Commerce declares war on "corruption" within his ministry

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BAGHDAD / Trade Minister Mohammed Hashem al-Ani announced on Thursday the war on pockets of corruption, while reviewing the contracts and referring them to integrity.

The ministry said that "Al-Ani embarked on a war on the pockets of corruption in the ministry, "Ani referred a number of cases to the Office of the Inspector-General for the purpose of the investigation and then referred them to the Integrity Commission.

He instructed the Office of the Inspector-General and the Legal Department to follow up the cases against which suspicions of corruption were raised and to investigate all the actions taken and the disclosure.

For all faults in contracting "Al-Ani stressed that" a war to hit the pockets of corruption that are trying to impede the work of the ministry began and that the Oqar corruption will take you, after the approach of transparency in performance is a principle entrenched in the ministry and should not leave.

"Al-Ani" to audit and review all previous contracts And the provision and processing of ration card items, especially tea, oil and rice.

"He stressed that" the diagnosis of corrupt and referral to the judiciary according to information and evidence obtained from the committees formed for this purpose.

"Al-Ani said that" the next phase will see more scrutiny in all cases recorded on the Ministry Trade in periods A dome in the previous governments, "pointing to" work to put things in perspective and identify errors and return of public funds.

"The Minister of Commerce," The Ministry took responsibility for the mistakes made in the past, "adding that" will be seriously work to remove and develop plans "The next phase will be a phase of work, construction, repair and treatment of the previous mistakes, as well as the scrutiny of all the previous files that accompanied the contracting and procurement, especially the large issues that occupied the public opinion and the authorities Control "The ministry will work according to clear and transparent mechanisms, whether in contracting mechanisms or other administrative and financial mechanisms in the work of companies," he said.



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