Jordan demands Iraq debt of more than one billion dollars

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 Jordan demands Iraq debt of more than one billion dollars Empty Jordan demands Iraq debt of more than one billion dollars

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Wednesday, January 9,

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Jordan's finance ministry on Wednesday called on Iraq to pay more than $ 1 billion in debt, while the Iraqi parliament's finance committee called on Jordan to hand over frozen deposits to Iraq.

"The financial file between Jordan and Iraq is still stuck," a Gulf ministry official was quoted as saying. "There have been financial claims to each other since Saddam Hussein's regime have not been settled yet."

He added that "Jordanian claims include debts of the Central Bank to his Iraqi counterpart more than one billion dollars."

The decision of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament Hoshyar Abdullah, according to the newspaper that "available data indicate that Iraq between 3 and 5 billion dollars deposited in Jordan since the time of Saddam, and there is no real Jordanian disclosure."

"I think it is time to open the file of funds and dues that we have or we have with Jordan, and there are responsibilities on both sides," Abdullah said. "So far, there is no serious move from Baghdad to Iraqi funds in Jordan. At the same time, As a religion for Jordan as well, there is no resolution on it, so it is important that there be a move of the file from the sides or at least revealing to the return of each party's right.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has wide relations with Jordan in various fields, where it is linked through the port of Trebil border, which is the economic and commercial artery between the two countries, while the Jordanian government is considering the establishment of a new border center with Iraq, as an alternative to the center of dignity in the province of Mafraq in the north-east of the country.ط£ط±ط¨ط¹ط©️-ظ‚طھظ„ظ‰-ظˆ12-ط¬ط±ظٹط­ط§-ظپظٹ-ط­ط


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