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 3-21-2019   Intel Guru Frank26 & Walkingstick Empty 3-21-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 & Walkingstick

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3-21-2019   Intel Guru Frank26 & Walkingstick   [via Sunkissed]   Remember the contracts that were presented to us on December 28, 2018... Those were 30, 45, 60, and 90 day contracts. They paid for the 30-day contracts. The more recent contracts on the 30 and 60 days have just been cancelled. They were just cancelled this week to be rewritten. They complied with some of the contracts. But they cancelled the big ones, the latest ones, but they were rewritten in the same manner. Will be paid at 1:1. When they cancelled and rewrote them, they kicked the can down the road. They rewrote them better. ...They were written in the same manner as the ones on December 28, to be paid in USDs, or the equivalent IQDs with the exchange rate.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

3-21-2019   Intel Guru Frank26 & Walkingstick   ...Now, when they changed them, last week, WS [Guru Walkingstick] firms lawyers got involved, in the rewriting of the contracts. And what it boils down to is they use the wording in the contracts they have received to guarantee 1:1. The contract says very plain and simple: for example a $300,000 USD contract, when they pay us (WS firm) it is to be paid equivalent value of IQDs.  They have two choices they can either pay us 300,000 American Dollars or they pay us 300,000 IQDs equivalent to American Dollars. And the only way they can do that is if they paid us at 1:1.   These new rewritten contracts that still contain a 1:1 rate, are due to be paid to us in the next 5 days.  If they do pay us to the equivalent of the American dollar, 300,000 IQD, then that’s the 1:1 that has been factored in to the redomination, into the revaluation, into their revaluation numbers...And time will tell us whether or not we painted them into a corner.  ...But if they pay us 300,000,000,000 (billion) dinars, we know that they have not changed the numbers...We shall know by Friday.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

3-21-2019   Intel Guru Frank26 & Walkingstick    With the cancellation of these contracts, and the rewriting of them, well there’s no doubt, yeah, we trapped them. We SEALED IT! For the rate to...show itself to us.  ...if they do come out and pay us 300,000,000 dinars or 300,000 USD, well then they tipped their hat to us, that the rate is 1:1 that they are calculating with. Or they simply don’t care about the public knowledge of the reinstatement of their currency. Everybody knows what they’re doing. This financial action, is in the contract, is in the pay of the citizens that work for Walkingstick’s firm. For all his companies. For all the citizens getting paid. And it’s not a mathematical mistake. It is the reinstatement of the IQD, in the change of their exchange rate. And they will tell you when it’s official and when it’s done. As much as you can see and transparently right through it, as if it was casper the ghost. You know very well what’s going on. You just don’t know when they’re going to announce it.  THAT’S IT!!!  This reinstatement feels so close, you know why...?  Because it’s not a secret.   [post 3 of 3]


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