Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Friday Night 3-29-19

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 Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Friday Night 3-29-19  Empty Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Friday Night 3-29-19

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Chappy86:  This is a huge article which says we are on the way

Tommy17:  The imf is also tired of Iraq dragging their feet    Imo.

Rommy:  IMO
I = Iraq
M = Move
F = Forward!

BillA:  Control Tower to Delta1 Airlines, YOU ARE CLEARED FOR TAKE OFF ON RUNWAY F-26


Samson:  Menuchin: US-China trade talks constructive

 29th March, 2019

US Treasury Secretary Steven Menuchin said in a tweet on Friday that he had concluded with US Trade Representative Robert Leahyzer "constructive" trade talks in Beijing

"I look forward to welcoming Deputy Prime Minister of China to continue these important discussions in Washington next week," he said in the tweet

And Minochen Shalheiser in the Chinese capital for the first direct meetings between the two sides weeks ago after missing an initial goal of a summit between US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the end of March to sign an agreement   LINK


CaptWillie:  Today has been a very good day. First, Tony and Ray's intel call, then during the call, my son-in-law called and said their Senior Bank VP family friend had just called and said that they had received notifation to expect this to come down very soon. He also told us that he could get us the contract rates. It's official, I am now EXCITED!!!    Our bank contact knows all about the contact rate….

GTCNote:  Capt... Thxs. Do you feel that good about info and know info is real...thank you for sharing

CaptWillie:  It comes from a trusted family friend who happens to be a senior VP at one of the Tier 1 banks that we all know and love. Of course I trust it, of course I believe it.


Beachcindy:  Butterflies are traditionally presumed to be harbingers of transformation, change. Good news for the Iraqi people!

Tishwash: More signs of the land and life getting back to normal

Millions of butterflies spread in Basra and a researcher explains their sudden appearance

Alsumaria News / Basra

after it was a rare presence in Basra over the past few years the butterflies returned to the province in huge numbers, according to a researcher who specializes in wildlife, the plentiful caused by abundant rains that have turned vast tracts of desert land into green land. 

The researcher said Hisham good God , in an interview with Alsumaria's News, " The butterflies that have emerged over the past few days enormous numbers in different parts of Basra belong to some kind of migratory butterflies called (Painted lady)", indicating that it "came to southern Iraq from the island of Arab within the course of Its international migration, because the abundant rains have turned vast areas of desert areas in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria to green meadows. "

Khairallah pointed out that "the abundance of wild flowers has enabled this type of butterflies to reproduce in an explosive pattern, so that the region witnessed the birth of billions of them, and this stimulated the instinct of mass migration," adding that "migration of butterflies differ from the migration of birds, migratory migraines do not return to the regions From which she came, and even if she wanted to go back on the assumption that her short life span would not allow her, the butterfly was only a few weeks old. " 

"The spread of butterflies in Basra is a rare environmental development and a beautiful natural phenomenon," he said. interest".

It is noteworthy that some types of butterflies are part of the biological diversity in Basra, but during the past ten years, the decline of the presence of butterflies of all types in the province sharply because of the most prominent shrinking green areas.    link


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