Kay and Mind Shore sign media cooperation agreement

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Kay and Mind Shore sign media cooperation agreement Empty Kay and Mind Shore sign media cooperation agreement

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(Independent) .. The company signed a global smart card and MindShare partnership agreement aims to expand media activity and education in the direction of creating a wider area of ‚Äč‚Äčelectronic dealing in line with the directions of the Central Bank of Iraq aimed at moving from a monetary community to electronic.

"The process of transition to a non-monetary society that Iraq is going through has tried to monitor in other countries. We found that the process of transition is going through several stages, the first of which is legislation, which was carried out by the Iraqi legislator well, followed by the deployment of infrastructure, With the system of Emiratisation of salaries paid by the Central Bank of Iraq, as well as the Prime Minister, and access to the responsibility of payment companies and banks.

He pointed out that "the company and its partner Rafidain Bank as the holder of the largest market share of cardholders headed towards raising the banner of awareness and dissemination of e-culture and here comes the need for clear messages to everyone to know the importance of electronic transactions."

Representative of the company Mind Sher Omar Manhal that "Iraq is a big market and promising to work needs a large financial block in its future directions, and here must be an electronic payment role in dealing with the large numbers required by the volume of work in Iraq from the other side, we find an expansion in detail coverage Financial and banking services targeting all segments of the society and access to financial services to all regions of the country are accredited advanced electronic payment methods and this step in general encourages the work towards the dissemination of this culture in cooperation with the company.



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