Parliamentary Finance recommends legal action against a number of oil companies

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Parliamentary Finance recommends legal action against a number of oil companies Empty Parliamentary Finance recommends legal action against a number of oil companies

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The Finance Committee, chaired by MP Haitham Al-Jubouri, voted on the report and the recommendations that resulted in hosting the Minister of Finance and Director General of the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) and the Director General of the Accounting Department at the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday 21/5/2019.

"The report and recommendations will be submitted to the Presidency of the Council to be submitted to the House of Representatives for a vote," Jubouri said during the committee, according to a statement received by "news" a copy of it.

He explained that "the recommendations included speeding up the legislation of the draft law of oil and gas in the maximum term of the next legislative term and the commitment of the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay the salaries of staff of the region and not spend in other expenses and otherwise will be distributed salaries by the federal government."

The recommendations called on the Prime Minister to "oblige the Ministry of Finance to fully implement Article 10 / C of the Budget Law 2019 and hold it accountable to the House of Representatives in the event of non-application of the article," calling on the Ministry of Oil to "take legal action against companies that buy Iraqi oil without government approval Iraq, also called on the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Control Bureau to the immediate implementation of Article 11 / VI of the budget law 2019.

The recommendations included addressing the Secretariat General of the Council of Ministers to seek agreement between the former Prime Minister and the Government of the Territory on the payment of funds for the Territory in 2018.

The head of the committee, MP Haitham al-Jubouri, announced the "send a letter to the Minister of Finance to provide the Committee with a copy of the agreement signed between the former prime minister and the Kurdistan Regional Government on payment of financial dues to the Kurdistan Region in 2018."

The committee discussed the work of the subcommittees of the committee and its distribution according to the tasks assigned to it. The deputy was appointed by Mohammed al-Daraji to head the committee to review the contract for building the new Central Bank of Iraq and to host a number of experts and specialists in this field. To find out the merits of the contract. "

He explained that "has been assigned MP Haneen al-Qaddu head of the investigation committee in the damage of money by the Rafidain Bank and the Central Bank and the hosting of a number of officials to find out the causes of damage, while Cliff MP Mohammed Tamim was chaired by the Committee of auction sale of currency in the Central Bank."

In another matter, the Chairman stressed the importance of the draft federal civil service law and the need to meet the discussions on the law and take the views and proposals of the members of the committee and organize a workshop in the presence of experts and specialists to see their views and proposals, calling for "a meeting on Sunday to resolve the discussions on Law and submitted to the presidency of the Council to determine the voting session. "

The committee expressed its "reluctance to legislate the bill of appeal in favor of the law in the decisions and decisions on real estate ownership after extensive discussions among members of the committee and assigning two deputies from the committee to attend discussions with the legal committee on the law."

The statement added that "members submitted their views and proposals on the draft law to collect the example of state-owned land for non-agricultural purposes after reading and discussing and decided to report to the Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands on the most important proposals of the Commission on the law."


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