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Special grades

Friday 14 June 2019

The decision of the reform and construction blocs to authorize the prime minister to appoint the special grades (three) and free them from the agency's system of integrity, the central bank and financial supervision, because the institutions hold the central grip of the rest of the rings, a correct decision to make the way to the work of these institutions to be organized in the procession of originality.

The originality is a criterion insofar as independent decision-making has been achieved. This has not happened in the previous period. The agency and the originality are not protected by the law and the performance is good. The long lesions of being under the gravitational or stability of the predisposition to the originality, which makes the decision a weak image.

The survival of 4200 special degrees, mostly by proxy, does not reflect administrative stability, so the Agency's period must be determined by six months, without which we enter into the circle of justification and circles of influence.

In order to strengthen the success of the decision of the largest electoral bloc must be accelerated embrace and we provide the elements and requirements of decision-making is the first of the achievements of real quality, and the most prominent logistics is the service council to be the authority of the Prime Minister also appointed to be an effective tool of the three institutions because it sets the standards for effective implementation, Establish a timetable for the incorporation of special grades in the light of the criteria of the service council and not to become the criteria for the election and honor the honorable position.

To expand to make the step to solve the problems directly where the complaint and resentment of them eliminates the role of integrity, control and centralization, and the drying up of money laundering will be mutually supportive and integrated with the work of those institutions.

For further environmental protection of the work of the "three" coordination between the work of the sectors of import and the agricultural and industrial aspects of a package of laws after strengthening the role of border crossings and directed not to introduce goods and products out of control; Let us feel the light of all kinds of quality, health and legal.

All of this is not done in the style of your book and book, but rather through an electronic government and government. The numbers are spoken, and only the transparency that is enlightened and the future of our work and intentions is realized.

The criterion for success of these institutions, which has long been a burning concern for all, is the legislation and implementation of the oil and gas law that will fix things. It will put the economy on the track and then the other agencies will start to join the last resort after we have eaten all the bitterness.



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