Global Finance puts the relationship among the world's best governors for 2019

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Global Finance puts the relationship among the world's best governors for 2019 Empty Global Finance puts the relationship among the world's best governors for 2019

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In its 2019 report, Global Finance magazine ranked Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Ali Mohsen Al-Alak, in the B + rank among the best governors of 94 banks in the world, down from B in 2018 and ranks 30th. The classification in 2019 represents a very advanced rank and this is a new global assessment of the outstanding efforts made in the management of the Central Bank of Iraq and achieve structural, structural and technical developments in the banking sector and contribute effectively in the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the application of monetary policy and overcome its challenges in the darkest economic and security conditions that Iraq suffered.

Founded in 1987, Global Finance magazine is headquartered in the United States and is distributed in 193 countries and ranks the world's leading companies, central banks, financial institutions and financial sector officials.

Its 2019 assessment of the “World Bank Governors” rating,

"The assessment was based on the central bankers in the face of storms and challenges facing their economies as a result of political and security unrest and who struggled to stabilize the economy of their countries." advanced

With central bankers who have managed to counter inflation, stabilize the currency, manage interest rates as well as achieve economic growth targets. "

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Al-Alak was awarded the Best Arab Central Bank Governor Award for 2018 at a ceremony held by the Union of Arab Banks in Paris last year.

He also won the trust of the Arab Monetary Fund (IMF) governors in its last session in the State of Kuwait.

All this is an affirmation of the good international reputation that the Central Bank has been able to embody through its great efforts to restore confidence in the financial sector and international banking transactions with Arab and foreign banks and correspondent banks.

So we congratulate the Governor of the Central Bank and all the staff of the Bank and to the Iraqi banking sector this new international assessment.


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