Parliamentary finance reveals items from the 2020 budget

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 Parliamentary finance reveals items from the 2020 budget Empty Parliamentary finance reveals items from the 2020 budget

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:02 pm

A member of the Finance Committee Hanin al-Qadu, Friday, that "the draft federal budget law for the year 2020, will be discussed in the House of Representatives early next month," noting that "the bill estimated the price of a barrel of oil at 56 dollars at least."

Al-Qadu said in a press statement on Friday that "the committee does not know yet whether the law includes the allocation of functional degrees or not," pointing out that "the third legislative chapter of the parliament will see the discussion of the budget law and vote on it."

He pointed out that "the continuation of violations that occurred in the budget law in 2019, will complicate the scene and will lead to the delay in approving the 2020 budget."

The Committee's Rapporteur Ahmed al-Saffar, has confirmed earlier that "the 2020 budget, will be completely different from the current budget, it is more investment than operational, unlike the 2019 budget, which preceded it."

He added, "We will work to allocate a special budget for the citizen, in which financial allocations to specific segments and classes of the Iraqi people, such as social welfare and the unemployed, and others."


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