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Salary localization

 A service that contributes to the development of staff transactions financially and achieve the desired benefits of electronic payment services and provide speed, accuracy, security
One of our banking services that enables you to buy everything you need by electronic payment devices inside and outside Iraq.

Some of the services associated with resettlement
• Murabaha to support projects of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians and health professionals.
• Murabaha for the purchase of solar energy systems and be repayment in convenient installments.
• The provision of the Internet banking service (INTERNET BANKING), which enables you to see all the information on your bank account
• Murabaha to buy a productive car to open a project for a member of your family.
• Buy necessary furniture and accessories for your home
• Provide a job opportunity by getting SME funding for your family
• Provide health insurance for you and your family according to a specific insurance contract.
• Great discounts for you when you buy with POS devices
• Providing high security to save your money from theft and accidents God Ajarna and you
• Save money when traveling as a result of being linked to your bank account
• The possibility of purchasing the housing unit to provide the required guarantees for you (we will announce the details if they are received)
• Discounts at a certain rate including trips for you and family
You can shop online and pay in all international locations
• Pay the employee's bills (electricity, water, telephone)
• Payment of collection dues (invoices, issuance of passports, etc.)

To know the details and answer your inquiries
Please call


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