Warsaw conference: 190 countries in the process of drafting an agreement reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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Warsaw conference: 190 countries in the process of drafting an agreement reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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Paris / AFP

Meet tomorrow in the Polish capital, Warsaw, and delegations from 190 countries in the United Nations auspices in order to lay the foundations for an agreement for 2015, seeking to contain climate change and the launch of two years of negotiations seem daunting.

The ambitious goal is to ensure the great success of the meeting on climate scheduled in Paris two years later, after the failure of the Copenhagen meeting in 2009 to reach an agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to reduce greenhouse two degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial revolution.

And declared responsible for the United Nations Climate Christiana Figueres, finally, that "we must act now to tackle climate change, and should confirm Warsaw understand this message.

" The planet warmed 0.8 degrees Celsius in a century, and may rise five degrees by the year 2100, if the world did not achieve the transition sooner in the field of energy, according to the announcement by climate experts.

But greenhouse gases continue to rise, and is expected in an extra bad news to become coal is more polluting fossil fuels to the environment, the first energy source in the global economy in 2020, due to demand major emerging countries it.

But simple calculations, because keeping the global destruction without degrees Celsius, requires the arrival of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 to a maximum or 44 Gt, compared to 50 gigatons a year now, and reduced to half by 2050, according to the United Nations Environment Programme. But these negotiations bet lies in the distribution of the voltage on the major polluting countries, namely: China (23 percent of emissions) United States (15 percent) of the European Union (11 percent), Russia (5 percent).

The Ambassador Jacques climate for Abuja, it is "very difficult negotiations," pointing to "200 countries" must "agree unanimously on a bet includes power and competitive principles and prestige in global governance, which is a huge bets."

Based on the agreement Durban in 2011, agreement must apply to 2015 on all States to reverse Protocol "Kyoto" that did not mean only the industrialized countries, and should be legally binding.

The negotiations seem daunting at the level of legal obligation in the text, which is a very sensitive issue for Americans who are still reluctant to conclude an international agreement.

The difficulty lies in the extent of the involvement of emerging economies, which calls for the right to development, and stresses the responsibility of industrialized countries for global.

With preclude the issuance of any final decision in Warsaw, "It is important to find a solution some differences and promote clarity about what the parties are trying to access it in Paris," said Alden Meyer of the organization "Union of Concerned Scientists," American non-governmental organizations. He pointed out that "some countries began to emphasize the need to conclude an agreement exclusively in Paris on the framework and rules," pointing out that the figures on the reduction of emissions "come later," in allusion to Brazil, saying that "the decline relative to what was decided in Durban."

As expected these to make development in the issue of financial aid to the countries of the South to face a global phenomenon.

These points are a recurring tension in the negotiations that often experiencing a lack of confidence in developed countries.

It is assumed that begins with "green box" which is under formation, and is expected to pass through it in 2020 into the $ 100 billion promised by the rich countries and inject the first batch of them in 2014.

The Warsaw conference takes weeks until 22.



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