News of a deal between Maliki and compromises people of Anbar

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News of a deal between Maliki and compromises people of Anbar Empty News of a deal between Maliki and compromises people of Anbar

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I am going to wait to see if it is true or not!

Sat Jan 04 2014 17:45 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -
BAGHDAD / d. Hamid Abdullah
The release of prisoners and the appointment of 10 thousand people of Anbar in the police and the separation of government tribal clan Alboalon

A source in the Iraqi List, that a deal has been concluded and there have been indicators in the performance of Iraqi forces and tribes Anbaria ensure calm and stability in Anbar for the release of al-Alwani and forming Awakening and the return of Rafie al-Issawi and other adjustments in this context, including breakthroughs large in relation file of prisoners and prisoners and the rest of the file claims Sunni western regions!.

The source added that the deal is moving on two lines on the first line Rafie al-Issawi and Hamas of Iraq and the second line of Ahmed Abu Risha through the establishment of the Awakening the backing of the Anbar tribes.

The source noted that among the texts to be implemented by al-Maliki, the corresponding condition of calm and comprehensive settlement in the province is the release of MP Ahmed al-Alwani and honored to return to the House of Representatives after it was raided his home and killed his brother and a (so-called Chapter clan) because of the way they were killed by their part of the settlement The problem with the clan Alboalon but did not know the source from where will the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with money Chapter clan, especially that there is no door in the budget allocates money to political settlements of this kind.

Another requirement is the decision to allow the establishment of Friday prayers in all regions of the western movement without the intervention of the army and the local police and the other the next requirement is that the Iraqi army and federal police or local have no right to enter the areas of the squares or prayers without the approval of al-Issawi and Abu Risha.

And Ashav source said among the conditions is also forcing the army and police fighting the al-Qaeda.

For his part, al-Issawi and reach Abu Risha an agreement with Maliki to open the door appointments in the ranks of the army and police, which is approximately 10 000 residents of Anbar element of Ksahoat as well as the adaptation of three battalions in the army and police.

Deal talked about the release of prisoners and prisoners and the use of the powers of a special pardon signed the Prime Minister and Vice President of the Republic as it was with the terrorists prisoners of Aldzir, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Jordan.

Secrets of the deal and the arrest and decent Battat Michklh because of the threat of the year as in the political speech of Issawi and Abu Risha.

The source also pointed out that the deal will complete its return through Rafie al-Issawi to the government and the finance minister and the political process as a first step to return to Iraq, Tareq al-Hashemi and engage in political work and dropping the charges and penalty decisions issued against him.

The news agency are free

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