This is part of Hakim's initiative

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This is part of Hakim's initiative Empty This is part of Hakim's initiative

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United in line with the initiative of the wise: the sons of the tribes are not bandits and it was time for amnesty

Friday, 10 December / 2 January 2014 13:55

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Twilight News / said the coalition united under the leadership of House Speaker Osama Najafi Friday he agrees and supports the initiative launched by the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim to establish security in Anbar province.

alt The initiative included a "steadfast Onbarna" launched by al-Hakim Wednesday to approve the draft Emaar special Anbar worth four billion dollars to be implemented over four years.

And monitoring of a special budget to support the clan, which is battling al Qaeda militants to strengthen its potential self-physical, social and compensate their sons' deaths Alogerhy.

The initiative also includes the establishment of a self-defense forces of the Anbar tribes mission to secure the international border and the strategic roads in the province.

He united in a statement reported for "Twilight News": "We agree with this initiative altogether and applaud this effort, the national initiative is authentic and clear in all of its provisions are consistent with the logic of law and morality."

There are policy and sectarian divisions in Iraq for years, but deepened in an unprecedented manner in recent months, sparking fears of a return to sectarian violence that has left thousands dead between 2006 and 2008.

Iraqi politicians have put a number of initiatives to contain the divisions was most recently Vice-President of the Republic Khodair al as the "document of honor".

However, it remained a dead letter with the continuing differences and tensions, security and aggravation with the passage of days.

And across the united coalition expressed concerns that the initiative received Hakim fate of other initiatives, and said that "the apprehension surrounding the Iraqis to be converted into a document such as documents earlier agreed Taahidna it around and I went Incorporation of wind because of a conflict of wills and personal apprehension of another."

The Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to eradicate al-Qaeda, and said he was "confident of victory" with his army ready to launch a major attack on fighters from the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant "Daash" in control of parts of the city of Fallujah.

The warnings come in the wake Maliki Iraqi Army deployed more tanks and artillery pieces around Fallujah in conjunction with local leaders to try to persuade the militants to leave the area to avoid unexpected attack.

Maliki urged the organization's members and supporters to "surrender" and promising to "amnesty."

Commenting on the coalition united modern-Maliki said: "It is encouraging that the government's new rhetoric represents a move in the trend towards convergence of views and restore the language of dialogue to the table of a new understanding."

He said that tribal members "know their areas of reefs they are able with the security establishment to extend the influence of the state and the rule of law so it must involve them in the system of the new plan."

"You do not need to differentiate between terrorism and those who hated carrying a weapon to defend himself against terrorism, which threatens his life Vasha├║r and her children are not a terrorist nor bandits."

He said the coalition in his statement by saying, "It's time to declare a general amnesty and comprehensive initiate a new start line we all agree that without Nscherib Banaguena outside the borders of Iraq Fbatna not heal the wound, but his family does not hurt, but the owner."


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