Iraq's accession to the WTO obligations of the economic transformations

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Iraq's accession to the WTO obligations of the economic transformations

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Symposium suggested a lack of qualifications
BAGHDAD - Farah pumice

Differing views of experts on Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization and its consequences on the reality of the local market , came during a seminar organized by the Federation of Iraqi businessmen in cooperation with the Center for International Private Enterprise .

And require the World Trade Organization on the state wishing to join them to provide a schedule of concessions contain tariffs constitute obligations could not be lifted , in principle, except in special cases , and a schedule of commitments , which will be followed by the services sector includes a list of barriers and the conditions faced by the sectors and activities, professional services and a timetable to remove them , as well as a pledge State wishing to join the organization to sign the Protocol of Accession includes the approval of the application and the commitment of all WTO agreements .

President of the Union of businessmen willing satisfaction Blibl between "morning" to seek union highlight what is going on from the obstacles facing the economy , to move to the stage of the business cycle activation , stressing the need to educate the citizens in Iraq to enter the World Trade Organization and to clarify the benefits and harm caused .

Blibl and see that Iraq is ready to enter into this organization and its conditions are not available in the current development of the country , especially as the laws still refer to the totalitarian economy , and the economic situation needs to support government and private agricultural and industrial sectors , he says.

He called for the creation of the negotiating team full of ability , experience and talent , and be familiar with the experiences of the countries that joined in advance of this organization , as well as knowledge of the development of Iraq's economic past and future . Pointed to the launch of the agricultural initiative four years ago led to a relative improvement in this sector , but it is considered not enough to fit into the elements of accession, stressing the need to develop the industrial sector , especially the growth depends on the Iraqi industries to increase the rate from 2 percent to 30 percent as a minimum , as well as he needs to finance and support the industry initiative .

He urged the concerned authorities to adopt a policy of economic development is dedicated to the revitalization of economic sectors and to reconsider the laws inherited that lead to a market economy totalitarian and create a suitable environment for the industrial sector to provide what the country needs , in addition to proving its ability to compete and enter the global market .

Has included the seminar many economic circles and representatives from the public and private sectors , as well as researchers, economists and representatives of the Ministry of Commerce , came out divergent views of the possibility of Iraq's accession to the World Trade Organization .

The economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine has put forward an opinion , on average, calling for legislation and harmonization of laws to speed to join and find political decisions with the development of the productive sectors of industrial, agricultural and develop campus customs and laws that serve the industry and is working to facilitate the entry of Iraq into the organization.

Said Antoine in his speech for the "morning "The possibility of Iraq to join this organization , but he needs to be patient during the present time , pointing out that Iraq can not live in isolation from the nations of the world must be the establishment of a business relationship .

between Antoine progress of Iraq in the way of implementation of the requirements to join by speeding up the legislation of laws and improve development Industry and achieve agricultural growth and services and laws complementary to the process for the purpose of achieving the requirements and conditions of belonging , especially that he is an observer member of the organization, calling for the improvement of the nature of the negotiating team to include businessmen and economists , jurists and representatives of civil society organizations.

According to statistics, offering Iraq a request to join as an observer in the World Trade Organization and won the approval of the General Council of the organization , in line with the requirements of real-time phase within the gradual shift in Iraq was in its economic policy and the transition from centrally planned economy to a market economy .

As is interested in economic affairs Ghazi Kanani Iraqi market dumped all kinds of goods and services , and most of the countries of the world , the lack of local production and the weakness of the service sector , explaining the inability to join , but the existence of a production base strong agricultural and industrial as well as the services sector , as in the experience of some neighboring countries which joined the organization after creating continued for ten years such as Saudi Arabia .

promised Kanani join this organization in this period will lead to flooding of goods lawfully , and this is not in the interest of the country , indicating that leads to an aversion citizen for the local product and the trend towards products and services commodity level measurements global quality of them European, American , despite the high prices .


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